Product Reviews: As a busy mom, I can’t agree to review all the products out there.  There just isn’t enough time in my day to do that.  Plus… how can I gaurnatee an accurate and opinonated review if I don’t have the time to properly put the product through it’s paces?  Therefore, I retain the right to be selective when presented with a product to review.
But… I do love trying new things, and enjoy bringing my $0.02 to the discussion by posting my thoughts about products.   Products of interest are: sewing/crafting supplies, fabric and/or tools, cleaning products, baby/children products, iPhone apps, Books: Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction.
Product reviews are free of charge, as are spotlight posts.  In order to provide a review, a retail(full size) sample of the product must be shipped to my Texas home.  Product reviews take two to three weeks for the product evaluation and to create the review post.  That time starts from when I recieve the product.  If you want my post to come ‘out’ on a specific date, I am happy to work with you in that regard.  I will also post the review (or part) on leading on-line retailers (i.e. Amazon, etc.).
Giveaways: Giveaways are a way to increase the number of people on-line that see your product and your website.  I can’t count the number of companies I have become aware of {that I never knew even existed} through on-line giveaways.  If you would like to host a giveaway on The Spunky Diva, you must provide a sample for a Product Review {see above info}, and provide either a specific product or a gift certificate to the reader(s) that is(are) selected by from the comments made on the Product Review post.  I would be happy to discuss how my readers can enter the giveaway with you.  There are many options; following your business on Twitter, Facebook, visiting your site and leaving a comment on a product they like, etc.  For giveaways with an Average Retail Value {ARV} above $25, I will post the giveaway on the following sites:, and other lists.  A link button to your site {as provided by you, or created by me} will be placed in the Sponsor section for the duration of the giveaway.

Sponsors:  I provide a limited number of Sponsor spots for advertising on The Spunky Diva for craft oriented businesses.  I will consider requests of Sponsorship from other businesses on a individual basis.  Advertising spots are ’paid’ for with products and/or services.  This allows me to create more content and tutorials for my readers here at The Spunky Diva.  Any post that uses your product will include a link to your site.  So, even after your Sponsor spot expires these links will continue to be a way for my readers to ‘find’ you.  Each Sponsor Spot comes with a spotlight post, in which I will talk about your company and products.  For more details, or to discuss sponsorship of The Spunky Diva, please e-mail me at SpunkyDiva at .

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Affiliates:  There are various Affiliate buttons listed on The Spunky Diva.  I recieve money from some, and products from others.  I strive to only affiliate myself with quality businesses.  If you have an experience that is not stellar, in any way, with any company listed on my site, please let me know so I can be aware of your experience.  Affiliates are different than sponsors, and are not typically crafty in nature.  Several are ways to earn some extra money with your blog or on-line.  Who can’t use some extra cash?  I know I can use some extra, and I hope that by showing you, how and/or where I earn money, you can profit as well.

I use the following sites to earn money on-line:
Escalate Affiliate Network
MyLikes Tweets
InBox Dollars

I would love to hear from you… Send me an e-mail at SpunkyDiva at with any questions or to chat!