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Digi Scrapbooking Shortcuts

Have you been having trouble keeping up with your digi scrapbooking?  Wondering how you can spend less time finishing out your layouts?  Here is one of the ways I am streamlining my scrapbooking process in 2013.

Use a Font Cheat Sheet!

Create a new blank file {use 12×12 of 8.5×11}.  Have a solid background to make it easier to see your fonts than a transparent background.  Type out what you use the font for and the font title {so you can remember later, LOL}.  Save the file with the layers in an obvious spot.  I have it in ‘My Pages’ folder so I can easily open it when I am opening PSE to get started on a layout.  Now when I want to use a font on my new layout, all I have to do is click into my Fonts Cheat Sheet, copy a word of the font I want to use next, copy into a new text layer on my layout, and poof… ready to type my title or journaling!

This really helps keep me on track when scrapping.  No more distractions from the endless number of font choices while scrolling through the fonts list.  Another plus… how many times have you selected a font because you thought it would work well, then it doesn’t and you have to hunt for that ‘other’ font again?  This way you can see a bigger sample of the text, and know that you liked it for page titles or journaling before.

Here is my Font Cheat Sheet;

I have not personally purchased any fonts yet, so if one of these strikes your fancy, you should be able to find it as a free font {most of mine are from daFont}.

Hope this helps you in 2013!

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