Quick Fall Garland How-To

I have been very envious of all the wonderful fall garlands that have been popping up in various link parties.  Here is what I came up with that fit my commitment level, and used materials that were on hand.  First off, this is a very simple, quick fall garland project.  There are many tutorials out there that take more time and give you a fancier effect, but if you are … Continue reading »Quick Fall Garland How-To

Strap Cover How-To

Learn how to make you own fuzzy carseat strap covers!Ms. Diva and I are in WA State today, and so I am bringing you this Strap Cover Tutorial instead of the normal Weekend Wrap.  I promise to have plenty of pictures to share as part of my Friday Post.  So, enjoy this incredibly fast project. How fast you ask?  Well… You can get this project completed in the time it … Continue reading »Strap Cover How-To