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How Do You Write a Book Review?

Do you have an idea of how a book review should look? Just like any type of paper, there are rules you need to follow, and it has a certain format that you need to follow if you want to do it properly. Book reviews are basically critical perspectives on a test, and many college students are asked to write them. Because of that, it’s essential to know how to … Continue reading »How Do You Write a Book Review?

Top Tips for Good Book Translation

If you want to work for translation services, you have to work like a professional. That being said, you need to do your job properly and make sure you make no mistakes. Just like any other job, being a translator is asking you for some responsibility, so you can’t go wrong about it. While the smallest mistake won’t kill anyone, it can mislead a lot of people and who knows … Continue reading »Top Tips for Good Book Translation

What to Do When Your Child’s Friends Have a Negative Influence

When you send your child to school, they get to meet other children who could have a positive influence on the kid’s life, as well as those who have a negative impact on your child’s life. You have to acknowledge that there are all types of kids in school and that you the chances of your kids having friends or company with negative influence are high.   Schools are among … Continue reading »What to Do When Your Child’s Friends Have a Negative Influence

Camellia: Song of the River {Book Review}

I certainly had a hard time putting Camellia down until I had turned the last page. Another novel set during the Civil War {seems to be a theme for me at the moment, LOL}, a neat turn to this one was ‘seeing’ Vicksburg in my mind while reading the latter part of the novel which was set there. We had a family reunion there by the river, and spent a day at … Continue reading »Camellia: Song of the River {Book Review}

Project 2013; Week 2 Scrapbook Pages

Two weeks into 2013 and two layout complete! Hoping this sets a trend for this year. Changed my week to be Sat to Fri this year, since I seem to do the best getting scrapping done Saturday morning. Created a font cheat sheet to help me scrap faster without hunting down fonts. Used Just Jaimee’s January Storyteller kit. Fonts for Big Girls Rock: Tresure, Vogue, Rosewood Std. Photo Overlay: Janda Apple Cobbler … Continue reading »Project 2013; Week 2 Scrapbook Pages

Digi Scrapbooking Shortcuts

Have you been having trouble keeping up with your digi scrapbooking?  Wondering how you can spend less time finishing out your layouts?  Here is one of the ways I am streamlining my scrapbooking process in 2013. Use a Font Cheat Sheet! Create a new blank file {use 12×12 of 8.5×11}.  Have a solid background to make it easier to see your fonts than a transparent background.  Type out what you … Continue reading »Digi Scrapbooking Shortcuts

The Shadowed Onyx, by Nicole O’Dell {Book Review}

The Shadowed Onyx is a YA {Young Adult} fiction novel… which if you have followed my book reviews you know is not my standard. I was curious when I read the back and it mentioned; Friend’s Suicide, Witchcraft, and Depression. All things that seem to be more of an issue with today’s teens. With my girls so young it is easy to forget sometimes that they will be teenagers before … Continue reading »The Shadowed Onyx, by Nicole O’Dell {Book Review}

To Honor and Trust; by Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson

To Honor and Trust is set on Bridal Veil Island resort during 1913, this novel shows the blurring of social class lines and how those that were not happy living as ‘society’ expected fared. Whether it was following in your father’s footsteps… or living your live of nothing after having plenty… there is a character in this book that will tug at your dreams and remembrances. For Callie, her place in … Continue reading »To Honor and Trust; by Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson

Project 2013; Week 1 Scrapbook Pages

Going with more of a Project Life theme this year.  Grabbed these templates from the Sweet Shoppe from Julie Billingsley; LIFEtime Templates, set of 12.  One of the issues I had before when trying to do the ‘notebook’ style pages was feeling to constricted.  I purchased the digital templates from Becky Higgins, and struggled to fit what I wanted on the page.  Here I just made the first column solid for … Continue reading »Project 2013; Week 1 Scrapbook Pages

The Icecutter’s Daughter, by Tracie Peterson {Book Review}

I am very excited to present this new book by Tracie Peterson to you… almost as excited as I was to have the chance to read it! And as with her other books, this one lived up to my anticipation and I couldn’t but it down.  To be released on March 1st, 2013 by Bethany House Publishers add a note to your calender. The Icecutter’s Daughter, is set during winter … Continue reading »The Icecutter’s Daughter, by Tracie Peterson {Book Review}