Mommy, do you have ‘Business’ cards?

“Mommy, what’s your e-mail?  I want to give it to Suzie’s mom.” 

How would you react to this question?  Start hunting for a pen and hoping you can find a piece of paper you don’t mind writing on?

Here is what I did.  I made myself a set of ‘Mommy’ Cards.  They have my name, the kiddos’ names, my cell, e-mail and of course my blog address too.   Having these cards has made it very easy to give my info to fellow moms at the library lap-site and even in the grocery store.  No hunting for a pen required {especially nice with two small kiddos in tow}! 

I have gotten two sets {fixing to order another set} of business cards from Vistaprint, and wanted to pass on these latest promotions they are having.  Their website is super easy to navigate, and they have tons of options.  You do pay shipping, but a set of 250 cards will last you a super long time… probably longer than you will keep your cell phone number. 

 Here is a sample card that took me just about 3o seconds to make.  They have about 40 different designs for their free business cards, and an amazing number of premium designs to choose from for $9.00.

Vistaprint also have easy to design invitations: click on image to go to this promotion.

I hope you enjoy visiting their site and checking out their easy to use previews.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

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    Chris says:

    that’s a great idea – you sound very organized

    • 2
      Kimberlee says:

      LOL! Actually, I tend to be very un-organized. This has helped me to not stress over whether I can find a pen and paper. Anything to make life simpler. ~Kimberlee