Weigh~In Wednesday {March}

I have great news!  Today I weighed in at 157 pounds!!!!

I am down from my last ‘posted’ weigh-in by ten pounds… of course… I last posted my weight in January, LOL!

Only 17 pounds to go to reach my goal of 140, and then 5 more after that to reach my high school/early twenties weight of 135 pounds.

The work out schedule doesn’t look good for the last couple weeks.  The family has been having the crud going around.  Between allergies, not feeling well, that time of the month, etc. I have left my work outs slip really bad.  But when looking at the 10 pound weight loss it shows that I have been better about my eating habits.  And that has been almost as much of a struggle with the two kiddos as getting my work outs in.

Weigh-In Wednesday

Goals for coming month {will post next update early April}:

Get back on track with 4 to 6 workouts a week.

Continue the good eating habits.

Fit in some 3+ mile runs in there somewhere.

Keep losing weight!

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday Weigh~In {11/9/2011}

Weigh-In Wednesday

Down a pound!!!!

Last Week: 169 lbs

This Week: 168 lbs

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Quick Weigh~In Wed Post {11/2/2011}

Weigh-In Wednesday

Last weigh-in: 170 lbs

Today’s weigh-in: 169 lbs

Weight to loss to goal of 140 lbs: 29 lbs

Why is it so hard to get work-outs in with life going on?

I am doing so good in the eating department, but the cardio is non-existent.  If I got in three or four cardio work-outs in a week… I am sure I would see those pounds start dropping away.

What are you struggling with this week?  Dropping weight, finishing a project, fitting time in to read a book?

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Still under 170 lbs!

Weigh-In Wednesday

I am still under the 170 mark at 169 pounds this week.  Yipee!!!!

I feel really good about this week, even though I didn’t lose any.  I got in the pool several times and used the band what-a-ma-call-it to swim each time after playing with the girls.  I even ran about 1-mile straight!  Talk about feeling like I am making ‘strides’ in my fitness.  I am also seeing an improvement in my muscle tone, even though my waist is still very soft and flabby.  Because of the c-sections {both babies} that will probably always be a problem spot, especially since is was before the babies, LOL!

The lack of weight loss I am blaming Mr. SD for.  He bought the most delcious dinner rolls from the bakery on Sunday for family dinner.  After being very careful to limit my bread carb intake, I went a little crazy on those rolls.  Oops.

Goals for this week:  complete another week of the Couch 2 5k program {I should be on week 3, but am still in the middle of week 2}, work on staying away from bread, and continue to not eat after 6 p.m. {this one tends to be hit or miss}.

As I said before, this is a journey in weight loss.  Not a boot camp or fad.  I can only do what I do.  I am not allowed to look back at this week and gripe or worry now that it is posted.  We march into the next week with our goals in front of us to be conquered.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Under the 170 lbs mark!!!!

Weigh-In Wednesday

Not sure exactly how I went from 172 lbs to 169 lbs {probably has to do with not having ‘the monthly visitor’ around}, but… I AM UNDER 170 lbs!!!!!  Yippee!

I did have a couple sodas this past week, but I also achieved my goal of running three times since my last weigh-in on June 1st.  We got the above ground pool in swimming order, and I will probably be doing many, many, many laps instead of running since it is now over 100 degrees most afternoons.  We shall see how that affects the weight-loss over the next week. 

My main goal this next week is to get in three hard work-outs, not eat after 6pm, and to continue watching my portions.

How are your weight loss goals coming?

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday Weigh-In ~ 6/1/2011

Wednesday Weigh-in

I really don’t want to ‘weigh-in’ today, but…

Today’s Weight: 172 lbs

Up from 171 two weeks ago.  The birthday cake and ice cream {and not paying attention to what I ate} really got me this past week.  I also ‘snuck’ several pops in there too.  Remember… one pop/soda a day equals 15 pounds a year.  However, I did complete Week One of the Couch 2 5k program I downloaded onto my iPhone ages ago.  That is a pretty big accomplishment in and of itself.  My whole body aches, but I have been getting it done.  I would ‘sew’ much rather be sewing or blogging than exercising….

Here is the renewing of my weight loss vows: Excercise three times before next Wednesday, skip the bread, skip all pops/sodas, and keep out of the fridge and pantry during the night.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

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