Puppy dilemma… {P2 Quilt-Along}

Here we are at the end of the Patchwork Squared Quilt-Along, and I have no idea which fabric I want to use to join the blocks together. I am in quit a pickle here, and could use your opinions! My dilemma is…

I ‘think’ I want to use the light puppy paw print fabric for the sashing and border {click here to see the final quilt layout on P2}.  But… do I use the wrong side of the fabric as I have been doing in the blocks…

… or, maybe I should use the right side of the fabric to create more contrast between the sashings and blocks.

Here are all the Puppy Blocks laid out on the pawprint fabric.

What do you think?  Do you agree with either of the above choices, or should I use one of the other fabrics?  I would love to hear your thoughts on these fabric choices!

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Block 9 – Pyramid Collection

Whew… Got the pyramids built.  Not in a million years would I have thought that I could actually make a presentable block out of nothing but triangles.  But I did!  I am super excited to have wrapped up the 9th and final block of the P2 Quilt-Along.  Next step is to put them all together, and get it quilted.

Block 8 ~ Four Wheeler

Can you believe how well all my triangle corners meet up?  I can’t believe it.  Only one more block to go… then I will have all nine blocks completed.  Almost done.

Block 6 ~ Tailspin {details post}

Here is the finished block…

This is the most complicated block I have ever attempted, and it was fun!  I love how easy the triangles are to make using this chain method of layering to square pieces of fabric, stitching a 1/4” on either side of the diagonal line, and then cutting to create your triangle pieces.  It is super easy and quick!

I used a tip I got from a Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting about chain piecing.  If you are doing several ‘chains’ in a row, cut your lead piece/thread saver off and add it to the end of the chain before you stop sewing.  Then cut your ‘chain’ of pieces off the thread saver, and you are set to start your next ‘chain’.  Saves just a few seconds, but it adds up when you are doing several ‘chains’.

These triangles are ‘sew’ cute!  Love how they turned out. The one on the right is before squaring the block down to 3.5”. 

It took a couple tries for me to get the block laid out correctly, but I made sure to get it laid out {and was careful to double check as I sewed along so I didn’t have a repeat of the last block}.

And… voila!

Just two more blocks to go…

…I can’t believe that this quilt-along is almost over.  Wow!

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Block 7 ~ Stacked {details post}

I skipped Block 6 and went to Block 7, since it seemed more straight forward.  Definitely a plus when in a time crunch.  Blocks 6 and 8 are next.  Here are a couple tips I picked up while putting together this block.

When adding small pieces to the end of longer pieces, see if you can sew both ends at the ‘same’ time by chain stitching.

The odd man out here is the strip with a piece add to just one end.

After sewing and pressing, I double checked that my strips still had two straight edges.

This did help in the straightness of all these long seams in the final piecing of the Stacked block. 

The last tip is an old one… double check that you are putting the right pieces together.

{Before Seam Ripper}

The green strip at the top isn’t ‘supposed’ to be the top strip, LOL.

{After Seam Ripper, and Restitching}

Here is the finished puppy-dog Stacked Block!

The pieces are cut, but…

No piecing happening today it seems.  This past week has been very slow, almost nonexistent, as far as progress on the P2 Quilt-along front. 

Last Sunday a cold front blew in and brought some weird stuff in with it.  We have all been down with the sniffles and coughs.  Making my two little Diva’s bigger handfuls than usual.  I have gotten all the pieces cut for Blocks 6, 7, and 8.  Maybe later when the kiddos go to bed {assuming I don’t just head to bed myself, LOL} I will get one or two of these pieced together.

Block 6 ~ Tail Spin

My pieces ~

Block 7 ~ Stacked!

My pieces ~

Block 8 ~ Four Wheeler

My pieces ~

Block 4–P2 Quilt-Along

Week 4 – Diamond Mine

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