Toddler Cubes for Bathtime {Tuesday Tip}

The original inspiration for this idea was from Pinterest… {Link to link on Pinterest} and used regular ice cube trays.

Well, since I didn’t have any extra ice cube trays I could use for this, I used the Doggie Ice Cube containers to create these fun bath time ‘toys’.

Here they are before freezing.  I added 2~3 drops of food coloring to the container, and then added the water.  Make sure to leave room for expansion as they freeze.


Once they are frozen, and you are heading to the bath… well when the children are heading for the bath {this might not be as fun to play with in your bath, LOL}, just run hot/warm water on the bottom of the plastic and the ‘cubes’ will pop right out.  They don’t last very long in warm bathwater before the ‘dissappear’. 

Ms. E enjoyed playing with them just as much as Ms. V during bath time.  Proving that these are a fun addition to bath time for both the toddler crowd and the baby crowd.  Watching them play with these reminded me of playing with slippery soap.  The food coloring did tint the water, but neither child was ‘tinted’ once they were done with bath time and dried off.

These are a definitely a win/win, no~cost, fun addition to bath time around my house!

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Summery Window Garland

Here is how you can make a quick summery garland using the Accuquilt GO! Baby {or print templates of ‘critters’ to cut out}.

I just used stuff I had on hand:

Stiff Felt

Upholstery Thread

1/8″ Hole Punch {also works for making Earring Cards}

Go! Baby with Critters Die

This took about 10 minutes.  Quick, easy, and stress free way to finally do something with my kitchen window that was looking awfully blank after it’s Fall and Xmas Garlands.  Using some fun bright felts make this very summery and a great addition to our summer fun.


Here are the shapes.  Each shape has it’s cut-out demensions next to it.  Making it easy to know if your felt/fabric pieces are big enough.

I keep all my left over felts {stiff and unstiff} in one place.  Making it easy to go through for odd ball projects such as this.  The container is one of the 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking containers.  These are fantastic since they snap closed, and easily fit the 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of felt.

Here are the felt pieces I will be using.  Each of these has fun sparkles!

I wend ahead and cut the pieces down in size so they would fit easily on the die.

Layering the pieces make ‘cutting’ a breeze.

I used a 1/8″ punch to put holes in the shapes for the hanging thread.  I also use this punch to create earring cards when I give handmade earrings as gifts.  It is a very handy size to have around.

This is the off white upholstery thread I used to hang these ‘critters’ and my favorite pair of thread snips.

And the finished summer garland.

Not very hard at all!  You could also print out fun shapes, and then cut them out on the stiff felt to create your ‘critters’.  Then follow the rest of the steps.  This garland only takes a few minutes to create a big impact.  I have to say that it is very nice to have a ‘summery’ garland versus a ‘holiday’ garland.

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