Honey Challenge ~ Days 6 thru 10

Ten days and my face feels awesome!!!!

It trully feels like I have found this super expensive moisturizer.  The little pimples that popped up on Day Two have become fragemtns of the past, and all of my skin feels super.  None of it feels dried, spongy, or otherwise out of sorts with the rest of my face. 

After ten days {with just four to go} I am definitly thinking this is one beauty tip I will be taking forward with me in life.  You just can’t beat it!

My face washing routine has turned into; grabbing some honey in the kitchen, rubbing it in/on the face, letting it sit while I put away dishes {after washing hands off, LOL} or doing some quick computer work {also after washing honey of hands}, and then strolling the bathroom to rinse of my face and pat it dry with a towel.  Definitly not rocket science or hard work to produce this lovely, soft skin I now have.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Honey Challenge {details} ~ Day One, Day Two, Days 3 thru 5

Honey Challenge ~ Days 3, 4, and 5

Day 3 ~

Okay… I admit it… I missed Day 3. 

It happened when I was planning on washing my face, but I got distracted.  By a two foot bandit called, Ms. E.  She loves following me into the bathroom {isn’t the bathroom the most fascinating place?} and brushing her teeth while I brush mine or am washing my face.

Well this time, she decided she wanted to sit on the toilet, and she tinkled!  Hooray!  Of course this has only been repeated once since then, but it is a stepping stone in the path to being toilet trained.

Day 4 ~

I washed my face in the morning {since I missed Day 3}, and loved the after effects.  But… I do have those pesky little zits I get around my mouth popping up.  Not sure if this is because of the honey, or just due to my ‘monthly’ cycle.  However, the most painful zit did not hurt at all after my facial wash, and also popped easily later in the afternoon. 

Yes, I am one of those terrible people that can’t resist popping their zits.  I figure with the amount of freckles I have no one is ever going to notice a zit scar here or there.

Day 5 ~

Missed again…  this time the distraction was the compressor going out on our Central AC.  Definitely not cool in 100+ degree weather. 

One myth/question dispelled; will washing with honey effect how I sweat? 

Nope, my face is sweating just fine, thank you.

So, my two week challenge will most likely be more of a four week challenge if I keep missing days, but I figure at least I am trying to keep it up.  I am planning to also get back into posting my weight loss {or lack there of} updates next week.  Here is the link to Crunchy Betty’s Honey Challenge for more info if you are interested.

The year is more than half over, and I am needing to get my butt in gear to make my year-end goals.

See ya’ later ~

 Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Honey Challenge; Day 1, Day 2

Honey Challenge ~ Day Two

Day Two ~ Honey Challenge

My face feels ultra soft after it’s second washing.  Almost as soft as Ms. V’s chubby check… on her face.  Today I just rubbed the honey around, and then splashed my face with water.  I feel like some of it is still in my eyebrows and a spot under my chin that I missed.  But, it isn’t sticky when I touch those spots.  So maybe it is ‘phantom’  stickiness?  Don’t know, but I willdo a better job rinsing tomorrow.

Off to rinse my face again, then back to watch the Falling Skies finale.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Honey Challenge; Day One

Honey Challenge ~ Day One

Day One ~ Not nearly as sticky as I expected.  Left the honey on a couple minutes before taking my evening shower.  The honey just rinsed off in the shower!  Easy, peasy.  My face feels very clean and a little on the dry side.

Nice not to worry about getting soap in my super-sensitive eyes.  Can’t wait for Day Two!

PS ~ Not sure if my honey is raw and unfiltered, but figured I would use what I have on hand and not wait to get some {which could take ‘forever’, LOL!}.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

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