Wednesday Weigh~In: Check In {10/12/2011}

 Weigh-In Wednesday

I am feeling positively green about my lack of weight loss.  I had all these excuses {don’t we all?}.  And now I am heavier than just after having Ms. V and Ms. E. 

Yuck.  I just feel gross.  Especially when I see those that started their weight loss journey at the same time {mid~January} showing off their gorgeous new bods.  Double yuck.

One of my downfalls in eating healthy/better is ‘Happy Hour’ at Sonic Drive-In when drinks are 50%.  Literally there is a Sonic under five minutes from me, and when 2:00 p.m. rolls around… it is soooooooooooo easy to hope into the car to grab an afternoon slush.  Last Thursday I decided to get a regular size rather than my normal Route 44 size.  I spent less than a dollar on this drink, and as I was drinking my refreshing Watermelon Sprite Slush I started wondering… How many calories did I save myself by ordering the regular/large size rather than that ginormous Route 44 size?


Both sizes have way more calories than I EVER imagined!!!!

Regular/Large has 460 calories!

Route 44 has 630 calories!

Talk about feeling gross about my ‘diet’ choices.  This is definitely a moment where I can hear Dr. Oz say that neither choice is a good one.  Guess that means I need to stop attending ‘Happy Hour’ no matter how easy it seems to be. 

I feel like those on Biggest Loser; Was it worth eating that?

I truly don’t feel like it was now.

I am going to use this feeling as my motivation to get serious.  Setting a unrealistic goal that I can’t possibly achieve, losing the rest of my weight by New Years; 25 pounds. 

170 lbs – 25 lbs = 145 lbs

Fitting in cardio is the hardest for me to do.  My goal for this week is to work on toning exercises while being a toddler toy, and focusing on what I am putting in my mouth. 

I am looking for a jogging stroller to make adding in the cardio easier on the family schedule.  I hate putting others out, especially hubby after he has worked a hard day.  By adding a way to take along one of the kiddos with me, it will make it ‘easier’ for me to get the cardio in.

 Currently as of this morning I am 168.5 lbs after really watching what I have been eating since the beginning of this week.  Sunday’s weigh-in was 171 lbs.

Do you have a goal you want to reach by the end of 2011?

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