The harsh weather and 5QF rolled into one.

Welcome to the 52nd day of 100+ degree heat here in Central Texas!  Whew… boy is it hot around here.  What is really worse, is that ‘they’ are saying that next year may be just as dry and hot as this one has been.  Not something to look forward too. 

At this point the hay ‘crop’ is laughable.  The hay hasn’t grown any since the last cutting of last year.  Normally we could turn our three horses out on the 33 acres after cuttings for some fresh grass.  This summer they are sequestered in their pens to make sure we don’t damage what hay/grass is still living.  What a world!

We all have our fingers crossed for some rain, any rain would be helpful.  What is really hard to hear about is the people that are having issues because they have to much rain.  It just seems really messed up that one area is experience severe hardship because of drought, and another is so soaking wet they are having issues.

Even with this crazy weather {maybe the end of the world is near?}, I can’t imagine being short of food, as those experiencing famine in Africa are.  We may be extremely short of food, but the grocery store is still full of food.  I wonder what next year will bring?

Five Question Friday hosted by My Little Life

1) Do you have siblings, and are you close to them?

I have one sibling, and we are much closer now that we live so far apart, LOL!  Nothing like distance to make a relationship better.  Part of the issue is that growing up we were both super competitive, and that included competing for our parent’s attention.  Growing up took a lot of that tension out of the equation, thankfully.

2)  Would you rather be slightly underweight or slightly overweight?

Slightly underweight. 

That would mean that I was eating responsibly, and that I could gain the average 10 pounds during the holidays and not have to worry about it.  I am still working on that 30 pounds I picked up while being preggars.  The hardest part for me is getting my exercise time in.  I don’t think it is having the baby that makes you fat, it is the fact that you are stuck with them and can’t get any exercise time in after they are born, LOL!

3) What is your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?

This question is not helping my with that weight loss I mentioned.  Now I am craving Elephant Ears!

Elephant Ears are a large piece of dough shaped like a pizza or ‘elephant ear’ that is covered in butter, sugar, and cinnamon.  Often times you can add or change up what you have on your ‘ear’.  They are super, super, amazingly delicious.

4) What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?

It is hard to believe that summer is already over.  I still have a few years before my girls start school so I am off the hook for that emotional day this year.

5) Pool or Ocean?

Pool.  Love the ocean, but the ocean has sand.  End of story.

I you have a wonderful weekend, and that you sleep like a baby… through anything in any position.


It might not look comfortable, but she sure looks peaceful.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!


Fab Five at Five on Friday ~ Pinterest Edition

Have you checked out Pinterest?

{If you need an ‘invite’ I have several to give, just send me an e-mail.}

After finding a couple ‘to-die-for’ ideas, I decided to take this week’s Fab Five finds from Pinterest and share some of the fabulous things you can find on Pinterest.  On thing I love about the site is that you can search everyone’s pins, or just look at what your contacts are pinning.  Pinterest has defniilty become my main way of  keeping track of those craft and quilting ideas that I see while purusing the internet.  You can pin anything, from tutorials, things you want to buy, patterns you see, and even freebies!

Here are projects I have ‘found’ on Pinterest.  As always… Enjoy!

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

{Envelope from Paper Bag Tutorial at The Gunny Sack}

{Magnetic Quilting Tutorial at Chalk In My Pocket}

{15 Minutes Flowers Tutorial at Tatertots and Jello}

{Vertical Ruffle Shirt Tutorial at Tea Rose Home}

{Napkin Tutorial from Hello my name is Heather}

Friday Fun with Photos ~ 6/24/2011

Before we get to the Friday Fun I wanted to make sure you know about SwagBucks.  I am sure most of you have heard of them, since they are very popular, but do you know what/how they work? is a search page that pulls results from Google and Yahoo when you ‘ask’ a question {search the web}.  Because of the amount of advertising on the site {all easily avoidable in my opinion} they offer you Swagbucks that you can trade in for prizes.

You receive Swagbucks sporadically during the day for your searches.  Sometimes earning 7 SBs, sometimes 11SBs or even more.  If you make Swagbucks your home screen, it makes it very quick and easy to run your web searches through them.

My favorite prize is the $5 Amazon Giftcards.  I have gotten six since Jan of this year, that is $30 of money from running searches I would normally run through Google!  I also traded in Swagbucks for a $15 iTunes gift card, making the total ‘money’ I have received from Swagbucks {again just for this year} to be $45!

In addition to running your searches through Swagbucks, you can earn 4 Swagbucks everyday quickly and easily.  Here is how;

4 SBs everyday for a 30 day month {say June} equals 120 SBs.  Add to those the SBs you are earning from your daily searches and you may earn 450 SBs a month!  450 SBs is the number you need to trade in for the $5 Amazon Giftcard.  I highly recommend Swagbucks to everyone!

We all search the web… why not get ‘money’ for doing it?


And… off my soapbox and onto Five Question Friday from My Little Life;

1. What is your current favorite tv show? Okay… this is the question I suggested, and though I do have a favorite show right now, So You Think You Can Dance, I HAVEN”T GOTTEN TO WATCH IT!!!!


I have watched up through the audtions, skipped Las Vegas week {still on the DVR so I can go back and watch those episodes}, and we are now in the process of watching the Top 20 Selection episode.  UGH!  I am having major withdrawels.  I guess it is to be expected with the two little ‘Divas’ though.  And I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Ms. Diva isn’t quite sure what to make of SYTYCD yet, LOL!  She is so busy watching, she hasn’t figured out if she can dance at the same time or not.


2. What’s the worst haircut you ever got? My mom got me an afro.  Think pre-teen with super curly hair and a mullet.  What do you think that looked like???
And no, I am not posting any pictures from that part of my life.


3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing? Definitly not the mullet/fro thing.  I don’t know that I did anything really ‘cool’ as a kid.  I always seemed to be the misfit.  If I tried to do something ‘cool’ it usually backfired on me.  So I stuck with my horses.


I don’t know that I thought I was cool for the horses, but definitly good at it.  I am pretty sure that I thought I was better at it than I actually was until about 12, when I got my first horse {after having ponies} and found out how much I didn’t know, LOL!  Talk about a lesson in humilty.


4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips? If I did, we wouldn’t be working on the debt thing, LOL!


My biggest tip is the Dave Ramsey quote: Life like no one else now, so You can live like no one else later.


Don’t get caught up in having the latest clothes, daily coffee from the coffee shop, fast food that isn’t good for you anyways.  That kind of stuff.


But… don’t ask me about fabric and sewing stuff.  That is trully my downfall in the frugality area.  I just try to make up for it by getting stuff using my Swagbucks {see above}.


5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly? Yes.  No better way to see the countryside.  If I had the time.  I can’t wait to take the girls camping, and that normally envolves a road trip.


Friday Fill-Ins from Janet; arn’t up yet.  I will add them later once they are up.  Here are a few fun pictures of Ms. Diva Playing with her new magnetic numbers from Hoohobber’s.


Have a great Friday and a super-duper weekend!


Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Friday Fun ~ June 9th, 2011

Baby Diva is just one week shy of being 5 months old.   Where does the time go???  We moved her into the crib, and she is now sleeping in the same room with Ms. Diva.  Which makes bedtime very entertaining with Ms. Diva wanting to pop up and check on the ‘baby’.  Ms. Diva is such a good big sister.

I can’t wait to hang out with my Aunt M!!!  She is visiting from home {the Seattle area}.  Maybe she will bring some rain with her?  I can hope… I think we might soon wither and blow away around here.  Yikes.  We got the pool set up so she can really enjoy the hot weather with some pool time in the sun.  Ms. Diva helped scrub the algae off the bottom, and off of Big Bro’s legs, LOL.  Mom didn’t have a camera, but apparently Ms. Diva was a site to behold before her bath.  Now the pool is full of fresh, clean water.  Baby Diva shrieked when they dunked her toes, and Ms. Diva wanted to have her ducks all in a row just like last summer. {pool pics from last summer}

Friday Fill-Ins by Janet

1. I remember when I first heard um, um, um… .

2. “Rain is showering down from above.”  Boy, do I wish that were true.  We are in desperate need of rain in Central Texas.  The crops are failing due to lack of moisture, and our hay fields look like it is the middle of winter.

3. Most humans are just trying to make their way through this world.  A few are making their mark, and others are just out for what they can get.

4. _____…sound familiar? Eek.  I am not doing very well at these this week.  Most of these I am just drawing a complete blank on.

5. I was inspired by these amazing quilts.

6. Nobody who knows where!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to playing with the fabric I got in for my attempt at a Stamp Quilt variation, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with my aunt visiting from the Seattle area, and Sunday, I want to hang out some more and maybe get some shopping in!

Five Question Friday at My Little Life with Mama M.

1. How close to your childhood dreams is your life now?
My is totally different than my childhood dreams.  As a child I dreamed of being a horse trainer ‘god’, going to the Olympics, not having any ‘yucky’ diapers to change, etc.
I am so glad my life is different than I imagined.  My babies are such a neat blessing!  I love horses, but… it takes an awful lot of work, money, and time to be successful at it.  And, you never know when you may be physically hurt doing a sport you love.  All in all I think my current life is much better than the one I imagined.
2. What is one must have item for the summer?
A pool, capris, good flip flops, even better pedicure, a POOL!
Can you tell I am happy our pool is ready for swimming?  As hot as it has been, I can’t wait to hop in and cool off.
3. Do you have your kids stay up on school stuff during summer vacation? (Or, if you don’t have kiddos, did your parents make you keep up on school stuff during summer?)
My kiddos are to young to worry about school stuff.  I didn’t have to stay up on school stuff during the summer, but… I was a total geek and probably read more books in the summer than during school.  My stepson does have to work on his reading while he is with us over the summer, but he isn’t all that keen on picking up a book just for the heck of it.
4. Do you can or freeze fresh produce?
Haven’t done either.  We haven’t done any gardening this year, except for my flowers.  It has been so hot, and with the new baby {Baby Diva} and with how poorly we did at keeping up the garden last year… we just decided to skip it this year.
5. Do you get ready for the day first thing in the morning? Nope.  I get on the computer and/or do some sewing first thing.  Drink my coffee breakfast drink.  Fed Baby Diva now that she getting baby cereal in the morning.  Take them to Grandma’s.  Go feed the horses.  Then I take a shower and get dressed for the day.

The above is just in case you missed that fact, LOL!  Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

In case you missed it…

I got Part Two of the Tumbler Toddler Pillow Tutorial posted.

I lost three pounds from last week to this week.

Friday Fun and my new project… {5/27/2011}

Happy Friday ~

I hope you have some wonderful plans for this holiday weekend.  I am certainly looking forward to three days of bliss.  Okay…. maybe I am not expecting ‘bliss’ but at least I will have three straight days to enjoy my babies.  Baby Diva is growing up so fast!  She is four months old now, and started eating cereal this week.  She is consistently rolling from her back to front {hasn’t quite figured out how to get back onto her back though, LOL}

Ms. Diva has decided the only boots to wear are these pink ones that her daddy got her at Tractor Supply.  I think the main appeal is not the little horsies on them, but the fact that she can put the on all by herself.  {and kick them off by herself too}  I have the cutest picture to share with you next Wednesday of her with her boots and her stuffed horse from her Big Bro.

Now onto the Friday Fill-in…

1. This week I fed Baby Diva her first cereal, got attacked by a tree while running {for the first time since having Baby Diva}, washed the GSD 3 times {someone needs to tell him that even if it is over 90 degress he needs to stay out of the yucky pond}, surived grocery shopping, and that is about all I can think of right at the moment.

2. Big Bro returns to Texas from spending the school year with his mom in Nebraska.  I am pretty sure that Ms. Diva is going to be his shadow, because she pretty much was stuck to him when he was home for Christmas and now she is even more mobile.  He doesn’t stand a chance, LOL!  I can’t wait to see him, and I now that Mr. SD is super excited for him to be home too.

3. It’s all aboutMe.  Oh… you want me to be serious… Okay.  It is all about paying off the debt at the moment.  I am working really hard on not spending on my crafts.  Which is super hard to do, when I have the fabric hording tendencies I have.  I decided to go through and reorganize my scraps using a modified version of Bonnie at Quiltville’s scrap system.  It is ‘almost’ like shopping at the store.  Not as fun, but it is guilt free.

4. I ran in the sun.

5. I demand nice weather for this weekend’s bar-b-q.  I would demand that I get some serious sewing time in, but… I think that would be a little on the self centered side {going along with question 3 above}

6.  Life’s path, it’s filled with plenty of characters, trouble and strife, joy and hope.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching last night’s So You Think You Can Dance {also know as SYTYCD} tomorrow my plans include laundry, cleaning, picking up Big Bro at the airport, and hopefully some sewing time, and Sunday, I want to celebrate family birthday’s with family!

Here is my newest sewing/quilting project.  It came from wanting to do something with these left over scraps from the Moda Fresh Flowers Jelly Roll I used for Ms. Diva’s quilt.  The pattern is called Liberated Wedding Rings by Anita at Bloomin’ Workshop {small world, Anita is in the same area outside of Seattle I grew up in before moving to Texas}.  Anita started a Flickr group you can join if you like to join this quilt along.

Five Question Friday from My Little Life:

1. Do you apologize to your kids?  Yes.  It is your responsibility to model proper behavior to your children.  If you don’t apologize for something to them, how can you expect them to apologize to others.  It is just like saying please and thank you.  Manners are manners.  And everyone should be treated the same.  Children, friends, parents, mentally ill, the homeless.  {getting off my soapbox now}

2. What color are your nails right now?  Au natural ~ Who has time for nail polish?  Plus, it never lasts because I am always outside doing stuff.

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say “I don’t feel good”.)  Just say that I didn’t feel good we enough most of the time.  But… if you stayed home from school that meant no T.V. {unless you did vomit and proved you were sick}, and you didn’t get to do anything.  You had to just lay on the couch all day.  Cured us of saying we were sick if we weren’t, LOL!

4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?  My comforter is over 5 years old {probably older than that, LOL}, but Mr. SD’s {we don’t share blankets, LOL} is just a few months old.  I finally found one that he would let me trade out for his old ratty one.  Thank you Lord!!!!!  I have been trying to find the ‘perfect’ one for a year now.  Talk about being a Goldilocks of comforters.

5. Favorite website(s)?  The Fat Quarter Shop, Sewing and Quilting blogs, I am currently in love with Twitter and finding giveaways to enter.
Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

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