The Lady of Bolton Hill, by Elizabeth Camden {Book Review}

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Great storytelling by Elizabeth Camden of the 1870′s {not that I know it is accurate, but it was fun}.  From the first pages you are hooked on the romance between the main characters, Clara Endicott and Daniel Tremain.  Even as tragedy strikes Daniel’s family.

The story is steeped in the progressiveness that characterized the turn-of-the-century.  Steel Mills and the Railroads are a main part.  Clara and Daniel have to deal with being from two different worlds and their feeling for each other.

My favorite character was definitely Clara.  Her love of music and of writing really struck a chord with me.  It was interesting to see her take a stand for what she believed in, and again for her faith later in the story.  The author, Elizabeth Camden shows how our actions can be viewed by others, and how far reaching they can be.

It amazed me how many different elements were tackled in this book; suicide and it’s affect on family, being unequally yoked with an unbeliever, the opium trade, the thirst for revenge, social and economic revolution.  However, even with the diverse nature of these topics I did not feel torn back and forth between them.  They all fit perfectly to weave one heck of a story.

This was the first book by Elizabeth that I have had the pleasure to read, but I can’t wait to read another.

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Book Description; Female journalists are rare in 1879, but American-born Clara Endicott has finally made a name for herself with her provocative articles championing London’s poor. When the backlash from her work forces a return home to Baltimore, Clara finds herself face-to-face with a childhood sweetheart who is no longer the impoverished factory worker she once knew. In her absence, Daniel Tremain has become a powerful industry giant and Clara finds him as enigmatic as ever. However, Daniel’s success is fueled by resentment from past wounds and Clara’s deeply-held beliefs about God’s grace force Daniel to confront his own motives. When Clara’s very life is endangered by one of Daniel’s adversaries, they must face a reckoning neither of them ever could have foreseen.

DISCLOSURE: I recived a copy of this book from Bethany House Pulishers to review.  The opinions contained in this review are 100% my own opinionated opinions.

Disaster Status by Candace Culvert {Book Review}


Disaster Status is the first book by Candace Culvert I have read and I found it to be a fast moving story with relatable characters. I liked that it had a very contemporary feel, and was not a stuffy or pretentious ‘Christian’ fiction novel even though it was definitely a story with Christian characters.

In this story, my favorite character was a secondary character, because she had a horse of course, LOL. Though some of the horse details aren’t the most realistic, it was still neat to have a horse person in there. I am looking forward to reading more of Dr. Stathos’ story.

One of the interesting threads through the book was what we remember or what we ‘know’ of something is not always the most accurate. It was funny to read this, because the longer my kiddos are around the more I realize that my mom knew way more about what was going on than I gave her credit, LOL. Proof that grandchildren are truly the best revenge.

Another interesting facet of this book is how it takes a look behind the scenes of emergency response groups. A lot of people take first responders for granted. Not realizing how disasters can affect those that deal with tragedy every day. I liked how Candace pointed these affects as part of her story without over dramatizing that aspect of the characters’ lives.

I also enjoyed the two main characters journey towards each other through the book.  It was a fun, nice romance with the standard ups and downs without seeming {in my opinion} to corny.

While I did snag this book from Amazon when it was a free eBook, I will definitely be buying the next in her Mercy Hospital triology; Book 3 Code Triage.

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About the Author:

Candace Calvert is an ER nurse who landed on the “other side of the stethoscope” after the equestrian accident that broke her neck and convinced her that love, laughter—and faith—are the very best medicines of all. The inspirational account of her accident and recovery appears in Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul and launched her writing career.  

The author of a madcap cruise mystery series in the secular market, Candace now eagerly follows her heart to write Christian fiction for Tyndale House. Her new medical drama series offers readers a chance to “scrub in” on the exciting world of emergency medicine, along with charismatic characters, pulse-pounding action, tender romance, humor, suspense—and a soul-soothing prescription for hope. 

Wife, mother, and very proud grandmother, Candace makes her home in northern California.

Please visit her Web site at

From the Back Cover:

Charge nurse Erin Quinn escaped personal turmoil to work on the peaceful California coast. But when a hazardous material spill places Pacific Mercy Hospital on disaster status and stresses staff, she’s put to the test. And thrown into conflict with the fire department’s handsome incident commander, who thinks her strategy is out of line.
Fire Captain Scott McKenna has felt the toxic effects of tragedy; he’s learned to go strictly by the book to advance his career, heal his family, and protect his wounded heart. When he’s forced to team with the passionately determined ER charge nurse, sparks fly. As they work to save lives, can they handle the attraction kindled between them . . . without getting burned?