Spring Egg Garland

With the two girls going a hundred different directions at all times… I am always on the lookout for quick and easy decorating ideas.  This Spring Egg Garland was super fast {less than 30 minutes}, and I was able to do most of it with Ms. V’s assistance.

Grab some cheap plastic Easter eggs.  The packages I purchased were 50 cents at Wal-Mart for ten.  I used 15 in my garland.  These are pastel colors so I wouldn’t have to paint them once I got them home.  I would have loved to glitter them… but… toddlers… glue… glitter.  Didn’t seem like such a great idea, LOL!

Here is the tutorial I was going to use to glitter the eggs, before I thought better of it: Glittler Easter Eggs from Sew and The City

At the hardware store I grabbed some thin cotton twin for under $3. 

~ How to make your Spring Egg Garland ~

~ Use a thin drill bit to drill holes in both ends of the plastic eggs.  About 1/8″ or so will work. 

My drill bit wasn’t in the labeled spot in the drill bit box, so I am not sure exactly what it was.  The eggs held up remarkably well to being drilled.  Only a couple split at the bottom around the hole, and even those were still usable.

~ Cut three strands of twin three times the height of your window.

Remember it is always easier to shorten at the end, then to add length in the middle of the project.

~ Knot your twine, and loosely briad 6 to 12 inches.  Knot the twine, and then add your first egg by threading one strand of twine through both holes of the egg. 

I found that I had to un-snap the eggs in order to get the twine through the holes, and by the end of the garland the ends of the twine were getting really fuzzy and hard to thread through the holes.  I think {but am not positive} that you could wrap your ends with tape to keep them together from start to finish.

~ After adding each egg, knot the three strands together and braid 2 to 3 inches, knot and add another egg.

I tested my egg garland at 10 eggs, and decided that I needed 16 or so, to be a good length.  Since you are braiding different lengths between the eggs the number of eggs you will need will vary.  My kitchen window is less than three feet wide if that helps you decide on how many eggs to start with.

~ Put on the last egg, and braid another 6 to 12 inches to finish your garland.  And you are finished!

I used thumbtacks to secure the garland within the window frame.  I think this would also be an awesome garland for an open doorway, and I am going to purchase more eggs when I am at the store next to make a garland for our open Kitchen Door Frame.

Here is a look from the Kitchen Entryway.

I love the way it draps from the middle to the sides.  Different from my other holiday window dressings.  As with my other holiday garlands… I store them in plastic bags to keep them from getting tangled up with other items in the box.

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    Great idea. I bet my kids would love to help with this.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

    • 2
      Kimberlee says:

      Definitly one that is fun for kids to help with. Probably could do it themselves {minus the drilling portion} if they are older. Almost like making a friendship bracelet for the window, LOL! ~Kimberlee

  2. 3
    D @ The Shady Porch says:

    Clever idea! I like the way it turned out…pretty pops of color, just like Spring! I’m glad you found the Rock ‘N Share and joined the party! I hope you’ll be back often! I’m Linky Following.

  3. 4
    SouthernScraps says:

    Cute garland. I love the way it turned out.



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