Now I Walk On Death Row {Book Review}

I just finished reading Now I Walk On Death Row by Dale Recinella, and I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

This book is a great affirmation of faith based living while providing insight on seeking God’s will in your job, home life, and in your way of serving others. While this may be a nonfiction book, it is so engagingly written, that it reads like a fast paced fiction novel. Dale shares his and Susan’s {his wife} journey into service to the rejects of society with five children in tow.


Dale speaks openly about the steps he took within his Catholic church structure in regards to his service. I found hearing how the Catholic church handles volunteers in ministry interesting and eye opening in that I have no personal experience with the Catholic religion. Dale relates some disheartening experiences he had with Catholic Clergy in the area of service, and equally exasperating experiences with Christians of various denominations. The amount of wordly things that Dale, his wife and children gave up in their pursuit of God’s will in their lives is staggering. In my own mind, I have always thought that those that zealously pursue God and service to others had little to tie them to wordly things. Dale and his family prove that my perception was/has been very mistaken.


Dale’s journey takes you from wall street, to Florida’s correctional institutions, around the Vatican City, and back to Florida’s death row. Dale discusses the controversial topic of the Death Penalty in this book. I have always been a staunch supporter of the Death Penalty personally. After reading this book, I am in the process of reevaluating my own stand on the subject after reading Dale’s personal experiences on this topic.


Some quotes used in the book that will definitely be sticking with me…

St. Augustine “so long as there are people who lack necessities, a person who has more than he needs is holding the goods of another.”

Sister Mary “who of us wants to face the worst possible consequences of our smallest mistake.

One of Dale’s pet rules “every job is simple until you have to do it yourself.

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