Weekly Schedule Printable {freebie}

I have a scheduling problem.
Many of you can relate to this ‘problem’.  To many to-do’s, and not enough time in the day.  To get on top of my list, I decided to put a Family Schedule on our refrigerator to help keep track of what we are doing each week.
After doing a lot of ‘scientific’ blog research, I love the idea of a weekly ‘docket’ {another great planner}.  The idea here is that this is a general idea of how the week is going to go.  Nothing set in stone.
Several ladies have their cleaning lists on the docket, but I since I already use the HomeRoutine app on my phone for my cleaning,  I just need something to make sure I don’t miss something.  And to help me stay on track throughout the day.
The Daily Plan: will be filled in to show what a normal day looks like {i.e. Everyone dressed by 8 a.m. Lunch at 11:30 a.m., snack times, etc.}.  I printed five copies of this weekly plan so I can write in pencil the Daily Plan before typing it up.   Times will be subject to change and daily activities.
Several ladies have their ‘daily/weekly dockets’ laminated and use wet erase markers to save on paper and space.  I am thinking of putting our Family Schedule in a page protector {instant dry erase page} and then using wet erase markers.  Each Sunday I can scan the filled in week, and keep a digital copy forever.  I am a total geek like that, LOL.
The Weekly Items spot will be for items off the family calender, and things I don’t want to miss during the week if I don’t look at the Calender; like the library lap-sit or trips to the park.
Family Schedule ~ Download
There is a place to write 7 To-Do’s.  It was mentioned on several blogs to not put more than 3 to-do’s for a particular day and not more than 10 for the week.  I think 7 is a good, uneven number to work with.  Plus it fit nicely in the space left on the page.
As long as I get a couple done each week I will be making more progress than I am currently, LOL!
Letters to Write: jot down what birthday or anniversary cards need to be sent out during the week.  I also want to send encouragement cards via snail-mail.  It can be such a pick-me-up to get personal mail when you are feeling down.
There is even a place to mark off my cardio and strength training sessions.  My goal is to get cardio in 5 times a week, and strength training 3 times.
Feel free to download this for your family to use.  I am sure I will tweak it some more and repost in the future.
If you do use this and blog about it, I would love for your to leave a comment with the link of your post so I can visit.
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