Block 9 – Pyramid Collection

Whew… Got the pyramids built.  Not in a million years would I have thought that I could actually make a presentable block out of nothing but triangles.  But I did!  I am super excited to have wrapped up the 9th and final block of the P2 Quilt-Along.  Next step is to put them all together, and get it quilted.

Moda May Giveaway at Everthing Etsy

Week Three of Moda May Giveaways sponsored by The Fat Quarter Shop is in progress at Everything Etsy.  Head on over there to enter to win some scrumptious fabrics!

Fab Five at Five on Friday ~ 5.20.2011

While I am working on staying focused on completing my Mug Rug for the Mug Rug Swap No. 4, and finishing up the Puppy Quilt… I am being tormented by these fab finds from this week.  Check them out, and let them know that you found them featured on The Spunky Diva.

Bounce Back Leash from Love Affair with My Brother… and Singer… and Janome

Popsicle Ruffle Top, Guest Post by Susan for Sugar Bee Crafts

Train Activity Wall from Girl in Air

Applecore Quilt from Who Does These Things

How to Make Organza Flower at Red Ted Art

Friday Fun… 5/20/2011

I am wrapping three parties into one post ~ Macro Friday, Five Question Friday, and Fill-in Friday.

Let’s start with Macro Friday…  I am doing this meme as I love photos, and think it is one of the best ‘parts’ of blogging.  However, I am the first to admit that my photos leave something to be desired.  So by working on doing one photo each week just to try and accomplish a ‘beauty’ shot I am working to improve my photography skills.  Here is this weeks attempt.

I love these yellow cactus flowers, but certainly did not do them justice.

Another ongoing project is growing some flower from seeds.  Here is a shot of them just planted, and the second one is this Friday {one week later}.


And… last, but not least… here is a photo of the layout for my final P2 Quilt-Along block.

Final P2 Block

 {P2 post with the directions for this block}

Fill~In Friday at Friday Fill~Ins with Janet

1. I see my computer screen, two hungry dogs waiting for their breakfast, the clutter on this desk I need to clean, the clock ticking by eating away the time, and my breakfast concoction of milk, hot chocolate mix and coffee.

2. Chicken scratch.  Really?  What other kind of scratch is there?  This will be one answer I definitely check-out on the other blogs.

3. They begin to wake up at 6:30 a.m. if I am lucky.  And if I am extra lucky, Ms. Diva and Baby Diva, will wake up later than that tomorrow since we don’t have any place to be.

4. Not so many years earlier I couldn’t imagine what being a mom with kids would be like.  Now, I can’t imagine my life without the little buggers, LOL!

5. This I know: God died for my sins and yours.  No matter how people distort the truth, this fact will not change.  He created us in His image, a little lower than the angels, not a little higher than the apes.

6. Tonight we have to go grocery shopping in order to have something for dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to being done with the grocery shopping, tomorrow my plans include piecing together my last block for the P2 Quilt-along, maybe start quilting it, and finish up my applieque on the Mug Rug I am creating for Mug Rug Swap No. 4 and Sunday, I want to relax and enjoy my kiddos!

Five Question Friday from Mama M. at My Little Life

1. Do you and your spouse go to bed at the same time?  Sometimes, he gets up earlier than I do.  So, if I am going to be restless, tossing and turning, I normally wait an hour or so to go to bed.  That way he is sleeping when I lay down.  Note ~ this only works when Baby Diva is accomadting.  She seems to really prefer to listen to my breathing, and so sometimes I have to lay down as still as possible in order for her to fall asleep.  Boy… what we do for those we love, LOL!

2. A question for the ladies…What kind of facial hair do you like on your man?  I like clean shaven or a goatee {sp}.  Not to fond of beards, except on Casey {this season on American Idol}.  Mr. Sd tends to go with the clean shaven look which is just fine with me.

3. What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever taken?  I haven’t taken very many vacations, and I always make a point to enjoy myself when we go somewhere.  You can’t have a bad vacation if you see the good in things.  Note… I haven’t had a bad case of food posining or lose of all my luggae either.  So this might change in the future, but being a home buddy I am not likely to go anywhere soon {especially with Ms. Diva and Baby Diva being so little}.

4. What’s the first-ever blog you followed?  It was Samster’s Mommy.  I love her little girl clothes/craft project tutorials.  Her little girl is the cutest ever which dosn’t hurt either.

5. Do you enjoy amusement parks?  I L-O-V-E amusement parks!!!!  Love roller coasters, love water parks.  Don’t love the cost to get into the park.  That is the only thing I don’t like.
See ya next week!

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Friday Film

I couldn’t resist sharing this clip of Ms. Diva’s ‘best’ dance moves.  Enjoy!  {PS ~ I am not sure how to rotate the clip, so just enjoy her defying gravity, LOL}

ms. diva dancing - Click here and it will open in a seperate window.  There is music, but if you don’t want to use the sound it is just as cute without the sound.  But… then again I am the Mom here, so I am probably just a tad bit biased.

Block 8 ~ Four Wheeler

Can you believe how well all my triangle corners meet up?  I can’t believe it.  Only one more block to go… then I will have all nine blocks completed.  Almost done.

Wednesday Weigh~In, 5/18/2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Another pound has been shed. 

Even with my poor {insert nonexistent here} excercise routine, and sitting on my butt at another H/J Horse Show this past weekend. 

Last Wednesday: 172 lbs

Today: 171 lbs… only 31 more pounds to go…


Accuquilt GO! Baby Giveaway ~ Part 1, Tumbler Toddler Pillow

I am very excited to be posting this Tumbler Toddler Pillow tutorial and the Accuquilt GO! Baby giveaway.  You can see my Thank-You Mail-man post that has all the details on what I received from Accuquilt {minus Ms. Diva… she really didn’t come in the box, she just decided it was the best ‘toy’ ever, LOL}.

This tutorial is in two parts.  The first part is on how to create a piece of fabric out of quilt pieces to use in a project.  This can be used to substitute a piece of fabric in any project.  Whether it is a pillow like here, or to add interest to a piece of clothing, or any other project you can imaging.  {I think this would make a wonderful book cover myself}

What you will need:

Accuquilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

Tumbler Die

Variety of Fat Quarters {I used six different Citrus Moda Marbles to create this pillow}

Sewing Machine ~ a 1/4″ Guide foot makes this a breeze if you have one.

Coordinating Thread

Iron and Pressing Board


To cut out your Tumbler pieces… fold your fabric in half and place on the die.  I placed my fabric over two of the three tumbler shapes on the die.  This resulted in four pieces in each color.  For the orange and darker lime green I just placed scraps I had over the two tumbler shapes, and created two tumbler pieces of each of these colors.  Depending on your color scheme pick the way easiest for you to create the number of pieces you need to create your finished size.  For the Toddler Pillow front you will need a piece of fabric approximately 12″ by 16″.  I will be adding a border to the pieced piece in the next part of this tutorial.  So, I used 18 tumbler pieces to create a piece of fabric approximately 11.5″ by 13″.

Here is a photo of my first layout.  I felt that some purple was needed.  So, I went and ran the purple fabric through the GO! Baby fabric cutter, and added those pieces into the layout.

Once you have a layout you like, pair up your pieces and start chain piecing them together.  This is a good time to turn on your iron and let it warm up.

Matching up these pieces cut with the Tumbler die is incredibly easy since the die does the hard work and knocks of all the corners.  You don’t have to think twice about matching up these pieces.  Just line up the corners and sew.

This photo shows the matching bobbin and top thread, the ‘thread saver’ I am using, and the 1/4″ guide foot I am using to insure that all my seams are a 1/4″.

Sew each pair by chaining them together.  Chaining pieces makes this project take less time than it looks.

Once you have sewn each of your pairs together, cut them apart and press open.  I did press all the seams towards the darker fabric for this project.  Lay out all the pairs, making sure that you still have the right layout {or at least a layout you like}.

Here are rows of four tumbler pieces pieced together.  I can’t believe how straight these rows turned out!  I didn’t do anything ‘special’ and out of the 9 pairs only one came out wonky, and that is that yellow piece you can see here.  I wasn’t paying enough attention {not that I ever pay enough attention} and did not have the yellow fabric placed completely over the die shape.  This photo shows why I am hooked on using the Accuquilt GO! Baby Fabric cutter.  No pins were used and I rushed through cutting the pieces {as I normally do} and the rows still turned out straight.  Incredible.

Here is another shot showing the dogged corners that make matching up these pieces idiot proof.  Think of how much time it would take to cut out the tumbler pieces using a ruler and rotary cutter, and then going back through all your pieces to cut the corners off so you could match up the pieces like this… Cutting pieces with the Accuquilt GO! Fabric cutter and tumbler die is definitely a time saver for this project.

Here are all the rows assembled, sewn together, and pressed open.  I love these bright colors!

Lay your pieced piece out on your mat and line up your ruler along the fabric.  Make sure your ruler is lined up using the top {or bottom} edge of the fabric.  This will help you end up with a square piece of fabric.  Then trim.

Not bad for your first time, LOL! Give yourself a pat on the back, and check out how to enter the giveaway below.  The second part of this tutorial {making the pieced piece into a pillow} will be posted on 5/20/2011.


How to enter to win an Accuquilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and your choice of three dies {entries close June 7th}:


{must be completed for any entries to count}:

Visit Accuquilt’s site, and tell me which three dies you would choose if you win.  Make sure to check the site as they have just released a whole passel of new dies.


{Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry}

1) Follow The Spunky Diva via GFC {Google Friend Connect}

2) Follow Accuquilt on Twitter @Accuquilt

3) Follow The Spunky Diva on Twitter @TheSpunkyDiva

4) Tweet, can be done daily.  Leave the tweet address in your comment.

#win a @Accuquilt Baby and three dies @TheSpunkyDiva #giveaway closes 6/7

5) Blog about this giveaway, add a link to this givaway on your blog.

6) Post the giveaway button on your blog.

Remember; the mandatory entry must be done in order for ANY entries you make count.  For additional giveaway rules, please read through the Official Giveaway Rules.  Make sure I can find your e-mail address easily if you don’t include it with each comment!

Good Luck!

A huge thank you to Accuquilt for providing the GO! Baby fabric cutter with three dies for my use in this review, and for providing a GO! Baby and three dies to the reader that wins this giveaway.  Another thank you goes out to The Fat Quarter shop for providing the Moda Citrus Marbles fat quarter bundle used in this tutorial.


Have you been paying attention to the Extreme Couponing going on?  One thing you can do {especially if you don’t get the Sunday Paper coupons} is to print off the coupons you want on-line. is easy to use, and I have found their search options to make finding the coupon I am looking for easier.  You do have to install the printing program.  This lets your printer print out scanable coupons.  Definitly worth the two seconds to download, since it saves me time digging around trying to find where Ms. Diva put the latest set of coupons.

Remember you can stack these coupons ontop of store coupons at some retailers.  The only store I have done this at is Target so far.

Good luck, and let the good times and deals roll!

Find more deals and links at Escalate Media.

Don’t forget the birds! {Tuesday Tip}

Hey there ~

Depending what part of the country you are in, it seems you are either experiencing excessive rainfall or no rainfall.  Here in Central Texas we are having trouble with the latter.  Out here on the farm we also have an abundance of small {and not so small} birds.

Small birds depend on water not only to drink, but also to stay clean.  If you are in a drought area, here is how you can help these little feathered friends.

Set a sprinkler on low for a half hour or so near a bush.  The water drops off the bush creating a great ‘bath’.  They can also drink from the run off.  If you turn the sprinkler on about the same time each day, the birds will find it faster than if you do it at different times of the day.  You get the added benefit of watering your bush.

Put fresh water out for the birds daily, either in bird bath or just an easy container for them to drink from.  In dry weather there is an absence of puddles for the birds to drink from.  So, a safe place for them to drink is very important.

Setting out bird seed {according to type of bird you have around your house} is also very helpful.  With dry weather the birds’ normal food sources may producing little to none of what the birds need to survive.

Hopefully by using these quick and easy tips you will be able to enjoy your little feathered friends all summer long!

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