SwagBucks ~ Lifetime Totals

Today’s Daily Poll question {worth 1 SB just to answer} asked how many Swagbucks you have earned.  It took me a few minutes to figure it out, and so I thought I would post where you can find that number.

1) First select the ‘Swag Store’ Category on the Ledger.  You find the ledger by selecting ‘My Swag Bucks’ and clicking the Ledger tab.

2) Add your current ‘bucks’ with the amount you have used in the Swag Store, and you have the all-time total bucks you have earned.

To date I have earned 6,707 SwagBucks.  Which equals $70 in Amazon Gift Cards.  Not bad for simply using this as my daily search site, and earning on average 4 SB by completing the Daily Poll, NOSO, and checking out what Trusted Surveys are available.

What is SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is a site where you earn ‘money’ for searching.  The more your search… the more you earn.  You then ‘cash’ your SwagBucks in for prizes.

I have gotten Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards.  I used gift cards to buy apps for my iPhone and to buy a stroller frame before we took a trip.  And I have given gift cards away as presents too.

I joined SwagBucks in September 2010.  Since then I have ‘cashed’ in my Swagbucks for six $5 Amazon gift cards, one $15 iTunes gift card, and donated to Tsunami Relief in Japan and to the SwagBucks Holiday Charity drive.

That is $45+ in just six months for using SwagBucks as my everyday search engine. 

You can add three SwagBucks to your daily SwagBuck total by answering the Daily Poll question, installing their toolbar, and by checking out what surveys are available.  You earn a SwagBuck for each of these every day you do them.  Pretty easy and a simple way to earn some extra ‘bucks’.

Sign-up now and start earning some swag.

I am up to 1,000!

I have officially collected over 1,000 SwagBucks!!!!

My goal is to collect 1,850 and trade them in for the iTunes $15 Gift Card to give to Mr. SD as a Valentine’s gift.  Wish me luck!
Click below if you are interested in collecting SwagBucks for yourself.  You earn SwagBucks simply by searching the internet as you would normally.  There are additional ways to earn SwagBucks by finding codes, and of course they start you out with a sign-up ‘bonus’ to get your account started. 

So far I have traded in my SwagBucks for six $5 Amazon Gift Cards ($30 worth).  That is just by using SwagBucks as my search screen for the past couple months!

Swagbucks for Xmas Gifts

I have posted before about ‘trading’ my SwagBucks for Amazon GCs and using them for general purchases.  Now with Christmas just over a month away I am working on ‘saving’ my SwagBucks to use for GCs (Gift Cards) for the wonderful, hard-to-shop for on my list.
For Mr. SD – I am going to work towards an iTunes GC.  He loves downloading the latest songs, and so I know for sure this is one GC he would use and enjoy.  Just 1,300 more SwagBucks to go!
To ‘earn’ SwagBucks’ I simple use the site to run searches during my day that I would normally use Google for.  So instead of searching and searching and just getting answers, I am able to earn money (GCs) that I can use for almost anything.  What a way to earn some extra cash doing something you already do.  If you are interested in signing up, I would be honored for you to use the link below and sign up as one of my referrals.
Merry Christmas!

My second $5 Amazon Giftcard

I earned another $5 Amazon gift card using SwagBucks!  Yipee!  I used my last earned gift card to help with the purchase of Ms. Diva’s stroller frame here.  Now, I think I be saving my gift cards up to purchase some new fabric or this embroidery kit on Amazon.
Using SwagBucks you earn Bucks/Points by searching that you can redeem for a variety of prizes.  Check it out!  If you are interested in signing up and using it, I would be honored for you to use my link below.

I cashed out!

I reached the $2 cash-out minimum at Instant Cash Sweepstakes, and am cashing out! 

They are sending my $3.79 directly to my PayPal account.  So simple, so easy!  I got to the threshold amount by winning one of their $2 drawings that they have every four hours.  You don’t get a lot of cash doing the surveys, but they are short and it does add up.  Check it out by clicking on the widget below.

We will have to wait and see how long it takes me to get my next chunk of change, LOL!

Look what I got!!!!

With our trip to WA State at the end of this month I have been looking at purchasing the Graco Carseat Stroller Frame.

Using my $5 gift card for Amazon.com (that I got using SwagBucks, see banner below) I paid just over $50 for this item.  Yipee!!!!!!

The stroller frame qualified for Super Saving Shipping saving me $14;
I used the $5 giftcard, which saved me the $5 (LOL);
It was also cheaper on Amazon.com than anywhere else = $57.99
And my total was $52.99!

I am very happy with my first ‘bargain’ hunt.

Got my first Giftcard!

I started using SwagBucks as my search engine after reading about it on others blogs as a way to earn money doing what you do every day, searching the Internet.  After using the site for less than a month I had enough SwagBucks to trade in for a $5 Amazon Gift Card.  I received the e-giftcard about ten days later.  Now, I have $5 more than I would have had, and just by searching the Internet as usual.  You can’t beat that!
As with many sites out there, you receive points/SwagBucks for referring friends.  If this is something you would like to try I would be honored for you to click on the banner below to sign up.  Now, I am off to do some more searches, and earn some more giftcards to use for Christmas gifts!  I only have to get 200 more SwagBucks for my next $5 giftcard.

August in Review

While doing research on how to earn money and products using my blog, I found that I enjoyed seeing the “big bloggers” breaking out how they earn money with their blogs each month.  The Spunky Diva currently receives books to review, opportunities to write posts for money from SocialSpark, I use SwagBucks as my search engine, and participate in quick surveys from ICS.  Here is the break-out of percentages for August.  I am only including money/value that I have actually collected.  For SocialSpark you have to have $50 to make a transfer to PayPal.  I did enough posts in August to qualify, but am waiting for the 30-day period for these funds to be in my account to transfer.  For this being the first month of pursuing these avenues I am very happy with the results.  I used Kids’ Zone to create the pie chart I have pictured below.  (PS – the big bloggers don’t give dollar amounts either, but I am sure it is much more than I earned this month, LOL) 

A highlight of August was having over 2,000 page views.  Wow!  I also guest posted at Sugar Bee with my Fuzzy Trim Tutu Tutorial (say that four times fast, LOL).

Books – I received three books to review in the month of August.
 - Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist (Zondervan Publishers)
 - Captured By Grace, by Dr. Jeremiah (BookSneeze)
 - Forgotten, by Melody Carlson (NavPress)

SwagBucks.com is a search engine that randomly gives you “Bucks” when you search.  You can then trade in your “Bucks” for items in their store.  I earned a $5 Amazon.com gift card this month (and I only used SwagBucks as my search engine for maybe half the month!).

ICS (Instant Cash Sweepstakes) is geared so that you participate in quick three question surveys to earn tickets in a drawing, coins you can turn into tickets when you want, and cash.  You have to earn $2.00 before you can transfer money into PayPal, and since you only earn a couple cents for each survey that could take awhile.  But, they are fun surveys, and I have an addictive personality so I am hooked.  The way to work this system is to get other people using ICS through your link (hint, hint), and then you earn matching cents when they win cents.  That is how you can get it to add up!

If you would like to register for any of the sites I mentioned above, I would be honored if you used the referral links I included in this post.  The widgits in my sidebar will also direct you to these sites if you would rather use those.