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Hi, I’m Karen from Twice as Nice Boutique.  I was asked to guest post my Morgyn Skirt tutorial here on the Spunky Diva. I love being able to incorporate sewing into my weekly schedule. I have made a variety of different things ranging from coats to quilts, but my main item is Sleep Sacks which I sell in my Etsy shop.  I tend to buy fabric by the bolt now, and my fabric stash (and scrap bin) grow on a weekly basis!  
I’m not able to blog as much as I would like to- my husband, kids, and the normal duties that come along with that take most of my time, and I recently volunteered to teach 11th graders sewing at our local high school- so far they enjoy it too! 
I love what I do – being able to take fabric and mold it into something new and usable is a rewarding experience.  I hope you have fun making the Morgyn Skirt- it’s a nice simple skirt that is easy to make.  Thanks, Karen

Morgyn Skirt Tutorial

Materials needed
3/4″ elastic
2 or 3 color coordinating fabrics (see size for amount of fabric needed)
Matching thread


6-12 months

(1)4” wide x 23” long waist band
(2)4” wide x 33” long mid section

(2) 3” wide x 33” long bottom band

12-18 months

(1)4” wide x 25” long waist band
(2)4.5” wide x 35” long mid section

(2) 3.5” wide x 35” long bottom band

18-24 months

(1)4.5” wide x 26” long waist band
(2)5” wide x 36” long mid section

(2) 4” wide x 36” long bottom band


(1)5” wide x 27” long waist band
(2)6” wide x 37” long mid section
(2) 4” wide x 37” long bottom band
(1)5.5” wide x 29” long waist band
(2)6.5” wide x 39” long mid section
(2) 4.5” wide x 39” long bottom band
(1)6” wide x 30” long waist band
(2)6.5” wide x 40” long mid section
(2) 5” wide x 40” long bottom band

Size 5 Girls
(1)6” wide x 31” long waist band
(2)9” wide x 41” long mid section
(2) 5” wide x 41” long bottom band
Size 6 Girls
(1)6” wide x 32” long waist band
(2)10” wide x 42” long mid section
(2) 6” wide x 42” long bottom band
Size 7 Girls
(1)7” wide x 33” long waist band
(2)11.5” wide x 43” long mid section
(2) 6” wide x 43” long bottom band

Size 8 Girls
(1)7” wide x 34” long waist band
(2)13.5” wide x 45” long midsection
(2)6” wide x 45” long bottom band

Morgyn Skirt Tutorial

1. Cut top band, mid section, and bottom band to desired size.

Serge or zig zag the sides of all peices.

2. Sew side seams of top band together right sides facing each other.  Sew mid section side seams together right sides facing each other.  Sew bottom section side seams together right sides facing each other.

Press all side seams open.
3. Fold the bottom band in half width wise, and press.  Pin bottom band on to the bottom of the mid section band.  Sew using a 5/8 seam allowance.

Serge or zig zag.
4. Press one of the edges of the top band under ½”.   (ignore the fold on the bottom)

Press over again 1”. (total 1.5”)

Sew 1/8” from the pressed edge leaving a 1” opening by one of the side seams.

5. Change your stitch length to 4 on your sewing machine. Sew a 5/8” seam on the top of the mid section- DO NOT BACK STITCH.

Sew again placing the 5/8” stitching along the left side of your presser foot. You will have 2 sewn seams parallel to each other.

Pull both strings on the same side gently, easing the fabric along the thread creating the “gathered” look. Ease it until it is the same size as the top band.

Pin in place, gathering as needed to fit. Sew in between both stitches with stitch length 2.2 or 2.5, making sure you don’t make any puckers. If you do make puckers take that section out and re sew in place, making sure you back stitch.

Take out the gathered stitches, making sure you don’t seam rip any of the permanent stitches.

6. Put a safety pin in one end of your elastic, and feed through the 1” hole of the waist, feeding the elastic through to the size you need. Back stitch 3-4 times. Cut elastic leaving 1” for easy adjustment.

7. Press the gathered seam, and the bottom band and you are done!

This tutorial is for personal use only. It may not be used to make items for retail, commercial,or any other type of sale.  Thank you for respecting my request.

I hope you have fun sewing! Karen

If you enjoyed this tutorial and Karen, make the short hope over to Twice As Nice Boutique.  I know you will enjoy taking a moment to look around her blog.

Thank you Karen for sharing this tutorial! ~ Kimberlee

I linked Karen’s tutorial up at:

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I love comments, and will return the favor! ~ Kimberlee



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    Ms. Emily Ann says:

    Love the skirts!! And the fabric is adorable! But even with the step by step guide, I really don't think I would be able to pull it off ~ sewing machines intimidate me :)


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