Friday Post ~ 7/8/2011

I love short weeks!!!

It’s Friday!

Due to an overabundance of sewing/quilting projects. I am skipping Friday Questions in  favor of an update post.  It seems like I haven’t done a general update post in…


The biggest update is…

Ms. V is almost crawling!!! She will be 6 months old the middle of this month.  It will be interesting to see if she reaches six months before or after she is crawling.  Ms. V is a very, very busy body.  She wants to see what you are doing, and grab it as quickly as she can.  It makes carrying her around while putting things away very entertaining.  Her favorite place is on the floor working on that thing they call crawling.  Boots, the new kitten, is trying to decide if Ms. V is pouncable or not.  Either way he enjoys ‘stalking’ her.

Boots, Kitten

I created this using my b-day present, PhotoShop Elements 9.  Pretty!


One of my weekend goals is to see if I can come up with a new Blog Banner for The Spunky Diva that has a sewing flare to it.  This blog is a general mix of my interests and life, but sewing is a big part of that and I would like the Blog Banner to show that.  We will have to see if I can come up with anything I like enough to share by Monday.  I feel another poll coming in the near future.


As far as the weight loss ~ I haven’t posted an update in the last two weeks, because I am hovering around 170 without really losing or gaining much.  It has been a lot harder than I thought it would be to keep losing with Mr. SD working extra hours at work, having Big Bro home for the summer, and the 100 degree weather making it difficult to get outside to exercise.  I am going to work on swimming more this month, and on my getting my abs back into shape.  I may not ‘lose’ much this month, but hopefully I will be getting my waistline back into a trimmer {less flabby} shape.


Miss Diva and Baby Diva are going to be Ms. E and Ms. V from now on.  I don’t want either to get the idea that being a ‘diva’ as most people would see it, is okay.  Being a Spunky ‘Diva’ is something I am still aspiring to be.  Becoming more of a girly-girl with a punch of spunk as I become a ‘mature’ adult.

 Ms. E, formerlly know as Miss Diva

Ms. V, formerly known as Baby Diva


As for the sewing/quilting side of things…

I finished up piecing two more blocks for my ‘Lovely’ quilt.  Pictures are on the camera, and I will post them later.  I seem to love each new block more than the last.  Hopefully that means I will end up loving the queen size quilt once it is all together and on my bed.

Still need to get all my sampler quilts blocks started.  Maybe this weekend?  Of course I found McCall’s freebies, and see many of these projects in my future.


As for this weekend ~

Happy B-day Mr. SD!!!!!

I foresee Strawberry Shortcake in the future, or maybe German Chocolate?  Either way I have to go grocery shopping, yuck.  Does a ‘spunky diva’ have to like grocery shopping?

See ya’ back here for this Spunky Diva’s Fab Five at Five on Friday!

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I love comments, and will return the favor! ~ Kimberlee