Friday Fun ~ Oct. 14th 2011

We are prepping for Ms. E’s 2nd b-day that is happening on Sunday.  She is getting just a ‘few’ good things, LOL!  Here is to hoping that she doesn’t get to bent out of shape when Ms. V wants to play with some of them to.

I can’t wait!!!!  I think I am worse than her.  Which isn’t hard at this point, because she has no idea what a b-day is or that Sunday is going to be a big, happy day for her.

Last Sunday she received her gift from Mr. SD’s mom since she is headed up to Nebraska to visit the newest addition, Ms. P.  The ‘spiralin’ water park’ was a hit… and we haven’t even added the water yet, LOL.  Ms. E and Ms. V have been playing with it at Grandma’s during the week in the kitchen.  Ms. E is obsessed with the spiral that the balls ride down.  She is also very sure there are five balls, and keeps track of them at all times.  Ms. V may play with a red ball, but never a blue one, LOL!

On a mommy note ~ This is a fantastic toy if your little one likes any kind of ball toy.  You can see the balls as they go down the spiral which adds to the fun.  It is a good size for both the 9-month-old and the 2-year-old.  Of course both of my kiddos are on the tall size for their age so keep that in mind.  It has turned out to be a great indoor toy since the balls stay in the ‘moat’ that the water would be in.  Putting it together was easy and quick for the most part.  However, the spiral has eight screws that hold the two halves together {we only used five screws}. 

Next week I will share the scoop on the party and the rest of the gifts Ms. E receives.  Plus, I will share how we created her thank you cards.  She will wear her new bandanna top for her party.

Onto Five Question Friday with My Little Life:

1. Do you prefer your ice cream in a boal or on a cone?  I am a bowl kinda gal.  You probably eat less if it is in a cone, but what is the fun in that?

2. What are three things you love the smell of?  Freshly bathed babies, fresh baked cookies, and fresh laundry dried outside.   Guess the theme here is ‘fresh’ smells, LOL.

3. Giftcards, yes/no {In regards to gift giving…}  Definite yes in my book.  I love getting that perfect gift for someone, but if I don’t find it or am not sure what to get I would much rather get them a gift card than a ‘bad’ gift.  No sweaters from me.

4. What sports did you play in highschool if any, and do you still play them?  I didn’t play any highschool sports.  I did compete in three day eventing, which I don’t currently do.  But, I still have horses, but no time to ride with both girls being so small.  Hoping that will change as this year goes by.

5. Were you in band in highschool?  What instrument did you play?  I was in the orchestra… actually I made the cut to be in the ‘philharmonic’ {strings and band instruments}.  I played the violin, and still do at church.

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    Sarah says:

    Stopping by from 5QF. How do you get your linky entries to match the color of your blog? Mine always come out red and I don’t know if that is the default, or some setting in my display? Have a great weekend!