1. Three pieces of advice you would give someone who wants to change his/her style? 

First of all, look through your closet and attic. Be sure you will make a lot of unexpected and pleasant discoveries. Since we all have tons of clothes we used to wear and then forgot about. Vintage pieces from your Granny, Mum`s jeans and Dad`s shirts which cannot be found in shops anymore will help you stand out in the crowd of people wearing the same ready-to-wear from chain stores. Secondly, get a haircut you are longing for. Nothing can help you freshen up your style better than a fashionable hairstyle. But don`t overdo and ask your hairstylist for advice to make sure you`ve chosen something that really suits you. And last but not least don`t read too much about fashion trends and don`t try to look like Kendall or Gigi or the Queen of England. Look for your own unique style.

2. Why is your first collection dedicated to students? They are usually not the ones who pay too much attention to their style.

A lot of my friends try to keep it simple and comfortable when it comes to clothes. They tend to wear jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers. And it may be quite an obstacle to finding a plain black T-shirt without any printings on it or a pair of good jeans which don`t cost a fortune. I want to provide young people with some basic clothing that is both cheap and of good quality. At the same time, The Spunky will offer a variety of eye-catching accessories like watches and caps and backpacks. They are just perfect to finish your image.

3. One piece of clothes you cannot live without?

That’s a tough question as I am a fashion addict. But at the same time, I am a student who leads an active life running from college to my studio and then to parties or meetings with friends. So I always need to be prepared to move. That`s why my favorite thing in the closet is a pair of comfy sneakers.