Dress-Up Necklace with Riboon

Here is an easy and quick necklace you can make for any little girl.  The bigger and more gaudy the beads the better!  I found these pink beads at Hobby Lobby, and they were 50% off.  This would also be a great use of an older bead necklace that isn’t “current” anymore.  Just take it apart and repurpose for your daughter’s dress-up chest.  The ribbon I used was narrow ribbon you can normally purchase two for a dollar in any color of the rainbow at any craft store (Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s). 
Cut two strands of ribbon about three feet long.  Tying knots between each bead takes up a lot more length than you might guesstimate at first.
Tie a knot in the center of your ribbon to center your first bead.  Thread your first bead onto both strands of ribbon, and tie a knot after the bead.  This secures both sides of the bead.  So, hopefully if the ribbon gets “damaged” {i.e. cut by an experimenting four-year-old} you won’t have to hard of a time finding the beads. 

You can thread a needle with a loop of thread and use this to pull your ribbon through the beads.
Save one bead for your “clasp”.  Thread both sets of ribbon through this last bead.  Measure the length of the necklace before tying the final knots.  This is where you can adjust the length of the necklace.  It is better to have the ribbon to long, and to cut of the excess in this step rather than getting to this point and not having a long enough necklace. 
I apologize for the teal backdrop with the light lime ribbon.  I had originally intended to use black ribbon, but did not have any in the small ribbon width.  The black ribbon I did have on hand was just way to wide to use with these beads.
Here is a picture of how lovely the black, teal, and pink looked together.  Ahhh.

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