Weight Check In… a day late, but…

Weigh-In Wednesday

I lost 3 pounds since last week!!!!!

My biggest weight loss since having Ms. V last January.  To say I am excited is an understatement, LOL!

The reason for this success is definitely getting in one cardio and three strength workouts since my last weigh-in.  I can’t claim victory over the midnight munchies, but… we haven’t had junk in the house so there hasn’t been a lot of sugary treats in the mix of calories.  Plenty of bread though, LOL!

Goals for next week;

more cardio

keep up the strenght work-outs

nix the midnight munchies

Goal Tracker:

Goal Weight = 135 pounds

Current Weight = 167 pounds

Pounds to Lose = 32 pounds

Pounds lost since start =  33 pounds

{weight of 200 was before Ms. V’s birth}

Wish me luck!  How are you nixing bad habits during the ‘toxic’ holidays?

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Weigh~In, 11/30/2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

The last weigh-in for November finds me at 170 lbs.  That is a 2 pound gain over the Thanksgiving Holiday from last week, LOL!

I am blaming those two pounds on Mr. SD’s mom.  She baked not one, but three lovely pumpkin pies!!!!!  Plus, a lemon meringue and cherry pie too.  Delicious!

My mom told me about a ‘new’ Christian Fitness program, and so I dvr’d the series and ran through my first episode last night.  Didn’t help me much with the two pounds by this morning though, LOL!  Great music, and the episode I did was great for someone like me trying to get going that isn’t in the best shape yet.

Ms. V is almost sleeping through the night which has helped the night munchies.  Except last night’s pie slice…. maybe that is where the two pounds is from?

My main focus this week is getting the cardio/strength training in.  They say that if you can add cardio 3 plus times a week you will drop pounds.  I know it is important, but darn it is hard to fit in.  It was funny that today’s poll question at SwagBucks is “Do you think you will gain weight through the Holidays?”  I guess I have proved I have gained weight, but my goal is to come out on the 1st of 2012 at less than 160.  Better get that cardio in!

Goal for this week, drop the two pound gain and get back to 168 pounds.

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Weigh~In Updated {11/16/2011}

Weigh-In Wednesday

This week finds me holding steady at 168 lbs.  Not bad considering the boss’ wife has started cooking up her holiday sweets… yummy!

No cardio or strength training this week.  The girls and I are still recovering from being sick, and just aren’t feeling all that well.  Probably a cop out on my part, but it’s my story and I am sticking to it.  I am kinda bummed this week, since next week is Thanksgiving which was my goal to be back at 140 lbs or less so I could go buy new clothes.  Hmmm.  Maybe I need to revamp my goal…. again.

On the plus side this week, I found that you can add oatmeal to your breakfast shake.  It is a little gritty but I can handle the grit since I don’t have to ‘eat’ it.   I still love my home-made coffee drink, but this is definitly a more rounded breakfast drink.

The only thing I need to figure out is if the oatmeal needs to be cooked before I blend it into my shake?  Anyone know?

Here are the two shakes I made this week.  Put the milk in first, then oatmeal.  Otherwise the oatmeal may clump in the bottom of the blender.

Shake #1

1 cup milk

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 ripe banana

4 oz strawberry yogurt

Shake #2

1 cup milk

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 ripe banana

1 scoop chocolate slim-fast powder

I have been blending the oatmeal and milk together, then adding the other indgrediants to blend.  If the oatmeal should be cooked first, I am thinking to of cooking it, then freeezing it in icecube trays.  Putting the number of ice cubes 1/2 cup dry oatmeal will make cooked in a freezer bag to add to the shake in the morning.

I have never been a fan of adding ice to my shakes.  I would rather drink my water, and it seems to make the shakes to cold to gulp.  Brain freeze anyone, LOL!  Adding frozen fruit or frozen oatmeal would add a major chill factor to your shake if you like a super chilly shake.

Goals for this week:

Skip the sweets the rest of the week.

Drink more water.  For some reason I have been skimpy on my water intake this week so far.

Get in at least one cardio and one strenght work-out.  Cleaning house does not count!

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Wednesday Weigh~In {11/9/2011}

Weigh-In Wednesday

Down a pound!!!!

Last Week: 169 lbs

This Week: 168 lbs

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Quick Weigh~In Wed Post {11/2/2011}

Weigh-In Wednesday

Last weigh-in: 170 lbs

Today’s weigh-in: 169 lbs

Weight to loss to goal of 140 lbs: 29 lbs

Why is it so hard to get work-outs in with life going on?

I am doing so good in the eating department, but the cardio is non-existent.  If I got in three or four cardio work-outs in a week… I am sure I would see those pounds start dropping away.

What are you struggling with this week?  Dropping weight, finishing a project, fitting time in to read a book?

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Weigh~In Update {Oct. 26th}

Weigh-In Wednesday

Another week of good eating choices.  No Route 44s from Sonic.  Eating oatmeal for breakfast most mornings, and doing a fantastic job with my water intake. 

The water intake pat-on-the-back doesn’t really count since drinking water has always been a strong point of mine, LOL!


I got in all my ‘strenght’ work-outs for last week.  It is amazing how unfit I am.  I think I have mentioned that before, but man…..  Here is what I am doing as my toning/strength workout if I don’t do Jillian’s Shred with Weights video.

 - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

15 second plank x 3

15 leg lifts x 3 {inner and outer}

15 arm circles x 3 {forward and backwards}

30 second ‘bridge’ x 3

10 squats x 3

10-15 second Supermans x3

 - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

I try to get as far as possible through this list, but Ms. V normally starts crying about still being ‘trapped’ in her crib when she knows I am awake.  So how far I get depends.  Sometimes my bridges and supermans have an extra 20 pounds of baby added to them, LOL! 

I am doing the toning routine every other day.  Right now I am feeling more muscle fatigue than change.  However, I am endeavoring to preserver.  Found these quotes on Pinterest to help with motivation:

Sweat is Fat crying.


No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

I don’t have my totals for this week, I drank my breakfast coffee before I thought about the scale.  Oops.

Thanks for reading about my journey.  If you have any helpful tips or exercise ideas involving toddlers I would love hear them!

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!

Weigh~In Wed {10/19/2011}


Weigh-In Wednesday

This was a week of gigantic leaps… I would say for mankind, but most of mankind knows about everything I started doing this week, LOL!

Step 1} Start eating real oatmeal for breakfast. 

I learned that quick oats are ‘stripped’ of some of their nutritional value.  So you loose a lot of the benefits of eating oats for breakfast.  Instant oatmeal packets have sugar added making them even less of a healthy choice.  Who ‘da thunk that?!?

To keep the mornings fast I fixed up a week’s worth of oatmeal baggies; 1/2 cup of oats with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.  Just cook in microwave with 1 cup of water for four minutes.  Then add fruit and a swig of milk, and your breakfast is ready.

Technically, you don’t need the milk, but I found that the oatmeal was a sticky mess and that adding a small swig of milk cut the stickiness a lot.

Another side note ~ Regular oats only take a couple of minutes in the microwave.  Quick Oats take just 30 seconds less!  This according to the packages {I have both ‘kinds’ of oats in my pantry right now}.  Now I wonder who came up with ‘Quick Oats’.   Those are a definite marketing success.

According to an article in Oxygen fitness magazine, eating oats is supposed to help with losing the belly fat.  Definitely my trouble spot currently.  So oats are my new best friend.  I even got a healthier bread that has whole oats as the first ingredient.  An important step in my weight loss journey to get completed.

Step 2} Drink some nasty ‘healthy’ drink.

I opted for Jillian Michaels detox mix:

60 ounces water

1 tablespoon sugar-free, non-concentrate Cranberry Juice

1 dandelion root tea bag

2 tablespoons lemon

Dandelion Root is supposed to help your liver, fresh lemon juice is supposed to be really helpful with everything/anything, and the cranberry is good for your urinary parts.  Drink this mix for 7 days and lose up to 5 pounds.

I didn’t lose any weight drinking this, but it did help motivate me to not make those bad eating choices.  I mean… who wants to drink something that tastes like a healthy drink, and then undue everything it is supposed to be helping your body with by eating junk? 

Not me.

So… for the past week my eating habits have been pretty darn stellar.  I did, however, drink the cranberry juice separate from the detox tea.  Cranberry is as bitter as I had heard it was, but after the first couple days I didn’t really notice it.  Kinda like using Listerine mouth wash.  That first time will send you over the moon, but it gets better after that.  I also drank half a cup of the cranberry juice instead of only a tablespoon.  And by drink I mean that I slammed that 1/2 cup down like it was a shot and I wanted to win the drinking contest.  Yuck.

Step 3} Learn what plyometrics are.

Check out this video by Jamie Eason if you have never heard of this form of torture.  I kinda wish I was still in the dark on this one.  My thigh muscles still haven’t forgiven me for unearthing this ‘new’ take on excercise. 

I did two circuits on Saturday morning while watching Fresh Beat Band.  Both kiddos ‘helped’, and now my thighs aren’t very interested in speaking with me, LOL!  Monday, I ran through the Jillian Michael’s workout, Shred-it with Kettlebells.  I used a water bottle and definitely still felt the burn.  Ouch.  When did I get so unfit?  Then this morning, Wednesday, I did some more plyometrics.  Didn’t get very far, but I gave it a go. 

My goal for this next week is to get that outdoor cardio in, and to continue making good eating choices.

Totals for this week are:

Started 170 lbs ~ Ended 170 lbs

Three workouts completed

I am feeling very energized about the steps I took this week, and I am looking forward to seeing what progress I make over the coming week.

Kimberlee, Thank you for visiting!