It’s a Sandbox Initiation.

As I reported on Friday {Friday Fun Post Here}, the weather has cooled off enough to spend the evenings outside. 

So… we have been playing in the ‘kid pen’, and Ms. V has been learning all the joys of sand boxes.  Enjoy these photos of Ms. V’s iniation into sand boxes.


{big stretch by Ms. V}


{Got one leg up…}

{Can’t… quite… make… it… but…}

{…I can still get sand on my face!}

And, off we go to the bathtub to play with some colored icecubes.

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5QF ~ Aug. 26th, 2011

Welcome to the last Friday of August 2011.

Welcome to the 71st day of 100+ degree weather in Central Texas.

This heat has been crazy.  No rain and crazy hot.  Our 33 acres of hay fields have no hay.  We haven’t seen the hay grow more than an inch or two all year.  I did find some really nice, horse quality hay to buy up in Waco.  The hay itself is from Missouri.  Haven’t started feeding it yet, as we have one more round bale from our hay crop last year still to feed.

Definition of crazy: living on 33 acres of hay fields and having to buy hay for the horses that comes all the way from Missouri.  That is crazy.

Ms. V {the youngest terror} is now crawling like crazy, has two bottom front teeth, and is pulling herself up to stand on everything {stable or not, LOL}.  Her favorite chew toy is my shoes.  Yuck!  Both of my kiddos have chewed on more of my shoes than any puppy I have raised.  Double yuck!!

Ms. E {the older, more experienced terror} has decided that being at least four feet of the ground should be the norm at all times.  We have found her on the changing table, on top of the bookcase {which is why you anchor them to the wall}, and on the back of the couch.  Needless to say… Ms. E is currently not allowed out of eyesight, and not left in any room by herself right now.

She has also decided after the blue toes experience that she would like to be a toe nail polisher…

Five Question Friday ~

1) Did you make any fun purchases this week?

I bought diapers.  Does that count?

2) If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?

The Fresh Beat Band ~ Ms. E would get such a kick out of it, that it would be worth it.  Plus if everyone in the crowd is below 3′, I could see the stage, LOL!

3) What is your least fav/most fav house chore?

Cooking is my least fav.  I hate trying to figure out recipes, but don’t mind baking deserts.

My most fav is when all the chores are done, and I can get some sewing or reading in.

4) Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?

I would love new appliances.  I have been drooling over those super, cool washer/dryers that are front loading, have a steam cycle, and make PB&J for you too.

5) Miracle Whip or Mayo? This question makes me laugh.  I grew up in a mayo only household.  Mr. SD is a Miracle Whip only kinda guy.  So, I get caught in the middle between Mr. SD and my mom on which is best.  I will say that on a sandwich I prefer Mayo.  If it is in something {i.e. chicken salad or egg salad} I don’t notice it enough to prefer one over the other, and tend to use what I have in the refrigerator.

Now if we were talking Peanut Butter, I would have to say Smooth and Creamy is the way to go.  Definitely.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Ms. E… the basketball star!

Here is what my father sent to me with this photo…

Today a basketball legend was born. I promise you, I did not modify or adjust your basketball hoop in any way.

One minute, Ms. E was helping me wash the car and then I noticed she was gone. I could hear she was playing over by the basketball goal.

When I looked, I saw she was trying to shoot a basket with her kick ball. Next she jumped up and grabbed the rim of the hoop. Needless to say, I was amazed! Then she did a kick up and put her feet through the net!  What a phenom!

Scroll down to see the proof!








There is nothing as special as a girl with her grandpa.

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Ms. Diva modeling her dress.

Here are some pictures of Ms. Diva modeling her butterfly Ayano dress.  I am so happy with how this turned out!  Ms. Diva loves it too.

Then & Now… Ms. Diva

Another scrapbooking ‘page’ for Ms. Diva.  I used design elements from Shabby Blogs designs.  Thumbs up for Freebies!  Nothing like going from a sweet little ‘angel’ to a complete ‘diva’, LOL!

Easter pictures ~ 4/2011

Baby Diva all alone

Look… a bow.

Newest addition to the hand-me-down pile.  Never to be worn by one of these ‘Divas’ again.

Ms. Diva prepping with Mr. SD.

Quick, Ms. Diva needs a flower bow to match.  This was the only purple flower I had in the house.

Bow disaster averted.

Priorities re-established.

One ham, one ‘boy… that was bright’

‘Are you sure you should be in the picture with me?’ Ms. Diva to Baby Diva.

Let’s both look down!

Hand nab maneuver completed, Captain.

Happy Easter!

5QF ~ 4/22/2011 plus Landscape Pictures

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?  As a child it was definitely the Easter egg hunt, and getting a packed Easter Basket with a furry stuffed animal {gotta have the stuffed animal!}.  Now as a ‘mature’ adult {yeah, right} it is the family time.  It is amazing how the focus changes as we get older.  Family dinners are my favorite, and a holiday/special occasion just makes them that much sweeter.

2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person?  I love a long, hot bath, but don’t currently have a bath tub.  So… I make do with the occasional long, hot shower.  Normally I am a speed showerer {that is definitely not a real word, but what else are you gonna call it?}, because every second I am in the shower I can just picture the gallons and gallons going down the drain.

3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?  I did it for my driver’s test in the farm truck that had an extra long bed.  Luckily that was just between some cones.  That was {if I remember correctly} the only place I lost points on my drivers test.  The last time I did it was when I had jury duty, but technically I just pulled into the last spot in a line so it wasn’t really parallel parking.

4. What is your favorite Easter candy?  Hands down it is Cadbury Crème Filled eggs.  My mom found mini versions of these, and those are my new favorite as I can think smaller equals a healthier, not-so-large dose of calories to go along with all that scrumptious goodness.  And no… I didn’t look at the packaging for the mini eggs, LOL!

5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?  We focus on the religious part of the holiday, just as with Christmas, but it hard not to enjoy a child’s delight in the more popular aspects of the holiday.  I am sure we will do more as ‘the Easter Bunny’ as Ms. Diva and Ms. T get older.  What parent doesn’t enjoy getting absolutely no praise for accomplishing the miracle of jelly bean filled eggs?

And now onto those landscape pictures, as promised.  I have been trying to get these posted all week, but didn’t quite get a Weekend Wrap post up early enough in the week.  So I figured I would just share them now.

Our outdoor dog washing area/hose storage.  Having the dog’s outside water bucket right by the faucet makes filling it up very quick.  This bucket is also directly between our and Grandma’s making a fun ‘detour’ for Ms. Diva.


Mom and Mr. SD snagged this lovely oak at Home Depot on sale for $35.  Talk about a deal!







This flower bed took the most work.  Mom and Mr. SD {see a theme here?  They get to do all the outside stuff while I am inside with the bambinos.} pulled the bushes that were here, restructured the stone wall, resized the flower bed, put down weed barrier, trimmed the newly shaped flower bed in the stick ‘em in the ground edging pieces {which also held down the weed barrier}, and stuck the mulch in there too.  Just a tad bit of work involved with this one.  Can’t wait to show you a picture with some blooming flowers.  Plus, I wish we had a before picture… then you could really appreciate the improvement!

Here is my attempt at a close-up shot for this week…




Not very good is it???  Not sure what happened, LOL.


And here are my attempts to get an updated picture of Misty, the newest addition.  All six pounds of her. 

Here is the flower bed I got to help Mom with.  All we had to do with this one was pull weeds and trim those bushes, put down weed barrier and mulch.

The other front flower bed.  I think Mom did this one herself with a ‘little’ help from Ms. Diva.

And that all folks!  Have a fantastic, fantabulous  Easter weekend!