Digi Scrapbooking Shortcuts

Have you been having trouble keeping up with your digi scrapbooking?  Wondering how you can spend less time finishing out your layouts?  Here is one of the ways I am streamlining my scrapbooking process in 2013.

Use a Font Cheat Sheet!

Create a new blank file {use 12×12 of 8.5×11}.  Have a solid background to make it easier to see your fonts than a transparent background.  Type out what you use the font for and the font title {so you can remember later, LOL}.  Save the file with the layers in an obvious spot.  I have it in ‘My Pages’ folder so I can easily open it when I am opening PSE to get started on a layout.  Now when I want to use a font on my new layout, all I have to do is click into my Fonts Cheat Sheet, copy a word of the font I want to use next, copy into a new text layer on my layout, and poof… ready to type my title or journaling!

This really helps keep me on track when scrapping.  No more distractions from the endless number of font choices while scrolling through the fonts list.  Another plus… how many times have you selected a font because you thought it would work well, then it doesn’t and you have to hunt for that ‘other’ font again?  This way you can see a bigger sample of the text, and know that you liked it for page titles or journaling before.

Here is my Font Cheat Sheet;

I have not personally purchased any fonts yet, so if one of these strikes your fancy, you should be able to find it as a free font {most of mine are from daFont}.

Hope this helps you in 2013!

Is PSE worth the cost?


I have had PhotoShop Elements since last May, and would say that it is definitely worth every penny {that Mr. SD spent on it, LOL}.

There is so much you can do with it, and it makes such a difference when digi scrapping and in your finished photos.

Here is a photo of Ms. E and MerryLegs ~ before and after using the PSE Actions from Florabella:

*I also ran the ‘Color Clean’ action before Whitening the pony.

Taking pictures of the moments that make life special, should be about capturing the moment… not worrying about the details.  Being able to ‘clean-up’ the pony after the photo has been taken makes me happier with the photo, and we don’t have to give the pony a bath before every ride.

To learn more about using PSE and Action Layers to edit photos check out these sites, they have lots of tips and tricks that I have found helpful in learning how to edit my photos to get the ‘look’ I am looking for: Cathy Zielske’s Blog {incrediably helpful} ~ Texas Chicks Blog ~ Everyday Elements with Amanda ~ MCP Actions {free videos in their product descriptions}

I have not done any ‘paid’ tutorials or workshops at this point.  If you want to save time, paying for a class might be the thing for you, but right now google {or SwagBucks} is my friend.  So… I just search, watch videos, and learn something new.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -

You can also create amazing Digital Scrapbooking pages almost effortlessly using PSE {I am currently using PSE 10}

Just download some of the many free Click and Scrap templates/layouts available, start adding your photos and ‘snap’ them to the pre designed template, add some pizazz and flare that goes with the photos {or your favorite colors}, and you have yourself a creative memory keeper.

Want to learn more?  Here is a tutorial by Digital Digitals {non~video} to show you some more details.  I personally love all the layout options at The Shabby Shop… here is a direct link to their Tips and Tricks category on their shop blog.  The Shabby Shop calls their templates ‘Easy As Pie’ and have a great video to show you how to use them.  They truly are easy, quick, and painless {especially if you edit your photos before trying to use them on a scrapbook layout, LOL!}.

Next week’s post is going to be about my favorite places to scrounge up scrapbooking freebies, and where I buy elements {the pizazz and flare I mentioned above}.

Want to see pages I have created using PS ~ here you go!


{Graphic Credits} for He Is Risen Graphic

Flower Elements: Imagic Reflections ~ In Bloom Kit

Sun: Eye Inspire ~ Spring Time from March 2012 Blog Train

Font: Beach Extended

Clouds and Grass created using chipboard style to PSE shapes.

{Tuesday Tips} How to Boil Eggs Perfectly

This detour through the kitchen to actually cook is due to Pinterest.  {blame the internet for this one folks, LOL}

If I had never seen this Pin, I would have never thought twice about what my boiled eggs looked like.

Of course… after seeing that you could get a boiled egg with ONLY a yellow center… I had to try it out and see if this non-cook could succeed in creating ‘the perfect egg’.

And you know what???  It worked!!!!

I just followed the steps that Ashley outlines in detail at ‘It’s Fitting’ to cook these eggs in her ‘stupid proof’ way.  Now onto the proof that I actually cooked the perfect eggs…

Eggs on stove at medium heat until boiling. 

When boiling move to cold burner, and sit for 10 minutes.

Then put into ice/cold water bath for 5 minutes.

And presto…

~ The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg ~

{Here is where I party!}

Spring Egg Garland

With the two girls going a hundred different directions at all times… I am always on the lookout for quick and easy decorating ideas.  This Spring Egg Garland was super fast {less than 30 minutes}, and I was able to do most of it with Ms. V’s assistance.

Grab some cheap plastic Easter eggs.  The packages I purchased were 50 cents at Wal-Mart for ten.  I used 15 in my garland.  These are pastel colors so I wouldn’t have to paint them once I got them home.  I would have loved to glitter them… but… toddlers… glue… glitter.  Didn’t seem like such a great idea, LOL!

Here is the tutorial I was going to use to glitter the eggs, before I thought better of it: Glittler Easter Eggs from Sew and The City

At the hardware store I grabbed some thin cotton twin for under $3. 

~ How to make your Spring Egg Garland ~

~ Use a thin drill bit to drill holes in both ends of the plastic eggs.  About 1/8″ or so will work. 

My drill bit wasn’t in the labeled spot in the drill bit box, so I am not sure exactly what it was.  The eggs held up remarkably well to being drilled.  Only a couple split at the bottom around the hole, and even those were still usable.

~ Cut three strands of twin three times the height of your window.

Remember it is always easier to shorten at the end, then to add length in the middle of the project.

~ Knot your twine, and loosely briad 6 to 12 inches.  Knot the twine, and then add your first egg by threading one strand of twine through both holes of the egg. 

I found that I had to un-snap the eggs in order to get the twine through the holes, and by the end of the garland the ends of the twine were getting really fuzzy and hard to thread through the holes.  I think {but am not positive} that you could wrap your ends with tape to keep them together from start to finish.

~ After adding each egg, knot the three strands together and braid 2 to 3 inches, knot and add another egg.

I tested my egg garland at 10 eggs, and decided that I needed 16 or so, to be a good length.  Since you are braiding different lengths between the eggs the number of eggs you will need will vary.  My kitchen window is less than three feet wide if that helps you decide on how many eggs to start with.

~ Put on the last egg, and braid another 6 to 12 inches to finish your garland.  And you are finished!

I used thumbtacks to secure the garland within the window frame.  I think this would also be an awesome garland for an open doorway, and I am going to purchase more eggs when I am at the store next to make a garland for our open Kitchen Door Frame.

Here is a look from the Kitchen Entryway.

I love the way it draps from the middle to the sides.  Different from my other holiday window dressings.  As with my other holiday garlands… I store them in plastic bags to keep them from getting tangled up with other items in the box.

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My Valentine’s Mantel on the cheap…

Here is my Valentine’s Mantel decorations, and how I created this look using only stuff I had on hand.

You can click on each picture to get a ‘bigger’ picture of the action.

The branch display came from Sarah’s post at Alderberry Hill about her Valentine’s Tree.  The branches are going to be a permanent part of my mantle for the time being {everything is always subject to change, LOL} as you can see in the mantel shot in my post here.

I am really pleased with how classy the buttons and fabric combo look in the living room.  I am a huge fan of using felt for decorating for holidays on the cheap, but the buttons {a find at Tuesday Morning} just seem more grown up.

See where I am linking up…

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Box Top Canvas How~To

How is your fall mantle masterpiece coming?  Mine has been falling flat.  It needed a big piece of fall to add some festive spice to the bland blend.


I have been drooling over all the neat fabric wrapped canvas projects I see around the link-ups {who hasn’t drooled?}, but didn’t have an ‘extra’ canvas to use.  And a trip to Hobby Lobby is out of the question.  No money for crafts this month, LOL!


So… here is what I did to create a Box Top Canvas to add that fall flare to my mantle.



- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -




Box Top {I used a xerox box lid}


Fabric {large enough to wrap lid like a present}


Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Thread and Needle


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -


Take your box lid and pull the corners apart, and remove the flaps.
With all the flaps removed begin gluing down the sides.  Glue the short sides down first, and then the long sides.
It didn’t take as much glue as I thought it would to secure the sides, but I did manage to glue/burn my fingers.  So be careful during this step.
With the sides secured with the hot glue, lay your Box Top Canvas on the wrong side of your holiday fabric.  {PS ~ I definitely see using this with wrapping paper for Christmas}
Wrap your fabric around the box top like a package.  Secure the point with your thread.
This makes it easy to unwrap the box top later the change out fabrics.  You can also reuse this fabric for other projects since you don’t have to cut it down to size.
Here is the size comparison between the box top and the canvas that I have for making Button Letters for the Girls’ room. 
Here is my Box Top Canvas finished on the mantle with some candles, and corn in my candy jar from Easter.
So while the mantle still needs work, this Box Top Canvas wrapped up in Fall Pumpkins really adds a boost of fall flavor to our living room.
This is my Finish it Friday project to kick off my co-hosting with Angie of Stitching by Starlight!  Come join the fun and link up your finishes!
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