It’s a Sandbox Initiation.

As I reported on Friday {Friday Fun Post Here}, the weather has cooled off enough to spend the evenings outside. 

So… we have been playing in the ‘kid pen’, and Ms. V has been learning all the joys of sand boxes.  Enjoy these photos of Ms. V’s iniation into sand boxes.


{big stretch by Ms. V}


{Got one leg up…}

{Can’t… quite… make… it… but…}

{…I can still get sand on my face!}

And, off we go to the bathtub to play with some colored icecubes.

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5QF ~ Aug. 26th, 2011

Welcome to the last Friday of August 2011.

Welcome to the 71st day of 100+ degree weather in Central Texas.

This heat has been crazy.  No rain and crazy hot.  Our 33 acres of hay fields have no hay.  We haven’t seen the hay grow more than an inch or two all year.  I did find some really nice, horse quality hay to buy up in Waco.  The hay itself is from Missouri.  Haven’t started feeding it yet, as we have one more round bale from our hay crop last year still to feed.

Definition of crazy: living on 33 acres of hay fields and having to buy hay for the horses that comes all the way from Missouri.  That is crazy.

Ms. V {the youngest terror} is now crawling like crazy, has two bottom front teeth, and is pulling herself up to stand on everything {stable or not, LOL}.  Her favorite chew toy is my shoes.  Yuck!  Both of my kiddos have chewed on more of my shoes than any puppy I have raised.  Double yuck!!

Ms. E {the older, more experienced terror} has decided that being at least four feet of the ground should be the norm at all times.  We have found her on the changing table, on top of the bookcase {which is why you anchor them to the wall}, and on the back of the couch.  Needless to say… Ms. E is currently not allowed out of eyesight, and not left in any room by herself right now.

She has also decided after the blue toes experience that she would like to be a toe nail polisher…

Five Question Friday ~

1) Did you make any fun purchases this week?

I bought diapers.  Does that count?

2) If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?

The Fresh Beat Band ~ Ms. E would get such a kick out of it, that it would be worth it.  Plus if everyone in the crowd is below 3′, I could see the stage, LOL!

3) What is your least fav/most fav house chore?

Cooking is my least fav.  I hate trying to figure out recipes, but don’t mind baking deserts.

My most fav is when all the chores are done, and I can get some sewing or reading in.

4) Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?

I would love new appliances.  I have been drooling over those super, cool washer/dryers that are front loading, have a steam cycle, and make PB&J for you too.

5) Miracle Whip or Mayo? This question makes me laugh.  I grew up in a mayo only household.  Mr. SD is a Miracle Whip only kinda guy.  So, I get caught in the middle between Mr. SD and my mom on which is best.  I will say that on a sandwich I prefer Mayo.  If it is in something {i.e. chicken salad or egg salad} I don’t notice it enough to prefer one over the other, and tend to use what I have in the refrigerator.

Now if we were talking Peanut Butter, I would have to say Smooth and Creamy is the way to go.  Definitely.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Ms. E… the basketball star!

Here is what my father sent to me with this photo…

Today a basketball legend was born. I promise you, I did not modify or adjust your basketball hoop in any way.

One minute, Ms. E was helping me wash the car and then I noticed she was gone. I could hear she was playing over by the basketball goal.

When I looked, I saw she was trying to shoot a basket with her kick ball. Next she jumped up and grabbed the rim of the hoop. Needless to say, I was amazed! Then she did a kick up and put her feet through the net!  What a phenom!

Scroll down to see the proof!








There is nothing as special as a girl with her grandpa.

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Blue toes and a haircut.

As promised… here are the photos of Ms. E’s first Pedicure and her haircut.

She has been ‘finding’ her toes several times a day since the pedicures, LOL!



As normal… even though I had a lot of my own hair cut off, you can’t really tell because I always wear my hair up and out of my face.  Curly, frizzy hair is not a good combo for down-dos in hot weather.


And here you can see that Ms. E’s hair is nice and short.  ‘They’ call it a ‘bob’.  I ‘guess’ it is cute, but… I can’t wait for Ms. E’s hair to grow out.  I think pig tails are very cute on little girls. 

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Chicklette Party {W.W. July 20th 2011}

Before they are old enough for Hen Parties…

…there are Chicklette Parties!

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Wordless Wednesday ~ July 13th, 2011

Photos from Mr. SD’s B-day Weekend…

German Chocolate Cake and PS3 Game Saturday Morning.


     Mr. SD’s Favorite.

And since he was the b-day boy…

… his request to not be photographed was honored…

But, there were some cute shots of Mr. SD and the girls in my Scrappy Sunday collage post!

Here is a cute {but blurry} photos of the girls at Grandma’s taking a break from ‘crawling practice’.

And one of Ms. E and I at church from Sunday.

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W.W. ~ Peek A Boo with ‘V’

‘V’ has discovered how to play peek-a-boo this week, and had lots of fun playing with me while I was sewing the Quilt for Baby ‘R’.  I snapped a few shots of her, cuteness personified, and here they are for my Wordless Wednesday post.

Elements from: Imagic Reflections, Summer Days Kit

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