Add a Back~To~Top Button

Have you noticed my new button?

Now that I mention it you probably have noticed it, LOL!  Have you tried it out?  It sends you right back to the top of whatever page you are on.  Handy little bugger, isn’t it?

I found a tutorial on How to add a back-to-top button in 19 different styles.  Yup… Max, at All Blog Tools, gives you 19 different arrows/buttons to choose from and clear directions on how to add them to your blog.

Create a Three Column Footer

My Blogger Tricks has a very simple post on how to add a 3-Column footer to your blog.  It took me about 20 minutes to completely finish the lower footer.  Check out my new ‘bottom’, and then check out his post if you want to add this item to your blog!
There are lots of other fun posts on My Blogger Tricks.  One I am thinking of also doing is Adding a Guest Bloggers info Below Their Post on Your Blog.  Or… maybe I should Add Floating Social Buttons?  Choices, choices…

Add a ‘click-able’ signature to comments you make.

While blog hopping recently, I came across this fantastic tip listed on Be Our Best.  Jill has compiled her Top 10 Blogging Tips in one place to help others out there in blogland.  Most of them I had heard of before.  But she had one on her list that I have only seen a couple times in practice, and have not heard a how-to do it before.

Number 6: Add a clickable signature to your comments.

If you add the following text to the bottom of the comments you leave for other bloggers, whatever text you insert for “Your Text Here” will be clickable.  You have to switch out “{“ and “}” with “<” and “>” then it will work.  Remember to also change the “Your Blog Address” part, LOL!

{a href= }YOUR TEXT HERE {/a}

Bonus Tip ~ I use Notepad to store all the html codes I use on a regular basis {the direct link code for my signature image, color codes, etc.}.  I added the above code to my Notepad page, edited it with my information, and saved it.  Now all I have to do is copy and past the code at the end of any comment I make.  Very quick, easy, and direct… direct back to my blog.  I think this is my favorite how-to at the moment!

Using Windows Live Writer

Using blogger can be very tiresome.  It always seems to disregard my edits, takes forever to load a photo {and now it only will load one photo at a time, ugh!}, and now keeps glitching when I try to add links in my posts.
To say I am a little frustrated is an understatement. 
So… when I came across a blog post on The Computery, I figured I would give Windows Live Writer a try.  After downloading the Windows update files, it wanted me to sign in to an Instant Messenger account {I cancelled that out}, and also wanted to install a Bing Toolbar {I didn’t do that either}, but now it seems to be behaving.
I just added the link to The Computery above, and it couldn’t have been easier!  At this point I have to say I am a happy camper with this change.
PS ~ Stay tuned to see how this…
…turned into this.
PSS ~ The top photo was a photo straight from my computer, uploaded into Live Writer, and then edited to round the corners and to add the watermark.  What do you think?  The bottom photo was uploaded into Picnik, edited, saved to PhotoBucket, and then used in this post.
PSSS ~ Live Writer has a Word Count function!  No more writing in Word to double check that my book reviews are wordy enough, yay!

Numbering your comments.

Want to add numbers next to your comments?  I did!
{4/1/2011 ~ Skip to my update at the bottom of this post.} 

I have been trying and trying to get numbers by my comments.  Today I finally found a tutorial with code that worked with the ‘new’ Blogger template I am using.  Thank you, Lord!!!!!
I am super excited to have the numbering system installed before the Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway that starts on the 17th.
Here is another link to this post on Numbering Your Comments
over at Blogger Stop. 
Good Luck!
PS ~ to open a search box when looking for html code, use Ctrl+F (the control key and “F” key at the same time).  It makes finding those tedious bits of code much, much easier!
UPDATE 4/1/2011:  When up updated to my new blog design by I could not get the codes I referenced above to add the numbers.  So… here is a direct link to the answer on Blogger with the code that I currently have in use.  This is way simpler to use.  Just pop it in an HTML gadget/widget box and you are done. 

Disable right-click on your blog.

Do you hate the idea of having your photos ending up on someone else’s site?  Or an entire tutorial magically appearing without your permission somewhere in blogland?
Check out Design It Chic’s post on how to disable the right-click function on your blog.
Very simple to add to your blog, and the benefit is that your blog is less welcoming to those that want to use your content.
PS ~ if you tend to copy and paste your own photos from your blog… this will affect your ability to do this.  {I had this relization after putting the html into effect, LOL}
PSS ~ if they open up a photo in a different screen{by clicking the photo} they can then save the image.

Adding fonts to your computer.

Fonts 500 is a fantastic site to download free fonts onto your computer to use in Word/Open Office docs. I am not sure if you can digitize these fonts (don’t have that upgrade to my embroidery software yet, darn-it), but you can use them to make fabric labels.

I used these directions from AscenderCrop to install the fonts. These directions were straightforward, and I had no problems getting the three fonts I downloaded uploaded and then used them right away in Paint.

Here are the three options I am looking at using for fabric labels. Your thoughts???