How To – Leaving Title of Widgets Blank

If you have edited a widget on Blogger recently, you have probably discovered that it will not let you save the changes unless you enter something in the title bar.  Here is what you can enter to leave the title blank {thread on a BB}.  Paste the code into the header for the widget, and save. When you view your blog nothing will show but the content of the widget box. Problem solved.

I did read, in the same place I found this solution, that they will be changing the title requirement for widgets back to what it was but that it will not be quickly.  So, the above solution will work for now.


A tutu for Ms. Diva

With the Tutu Drive underway, I tried out this tutu idea in a Ms. Diva size in colors to go with bubbles she already has.  The top photo is so that you can actually see the tutu.  Here are the photos that show you why the top photo was necessary.  Exactly how do you keep a crawling diva still long enough to get a good shot?

Candid Shots

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Will you help?

My goal is to donate 5 tutu’s.  What can you do? 
Click on the button to find out details.

Five Question Friday – 6/25/10

Hard to believe it is already another weekend, but it is and here are my answers to Five Question Friday.

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?
Yes.  I play violin (have since third grade), play a little piano, and some guitar.  My husband and I play on our Church’s Worship Team.  Just another hobby I play around with to compliment all my different craft endeavors, LOL!

2. What is your pet peeve while driving?
My pet peeve tends to be people driving really slow (10 plus miles below the speed limit), and people driving way to fast.  There is a speed limit and you should be driving fairly close to it!  Guess it is my sense of order that gets offended by them.

3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?
HOUSEKEEPER!!!!  Then I would have oldies of time to craft, and play, and, and, and Mr. SD wouldn’t complain about the kitchen being a mess.

4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?
Listening to oldies I listened to during high school (never have been much into current music) always make me think of something from way back when.  Not necessarily anything pivotal, but just memories being jogged.

5. What song best represents your life right now?
My favorite song right now is Better Than a Hallelujah by Amy Grant.  As a new mom it speaks to me of the sorrows of this life, but that God is there and wants to here from us.  You can’t listen to this song without feeling it’s impact.  Plus, I totally suck at singing so it is a good song to remind us that God isn’t just looking for perfect praises from us.

Silhouette Craft Cutter Giveaway!

Hey everyone!  I know I post a lot of giveaways that are on other sites, but here is why…  If you don’t subscribe to a blog that is having a great giveaway don’t you still want to hear about it?
Case in point – I didn’t even know about Thrifty Decor Chick until today.  And guess what??  They are having a fabulous giveaway for a Silhouette Craft Cutter!  What an awesome gadget to add to your collection. 

Back on topic regarding cross-posting giveaway info… I only found out about this giveaway (that I really, really want to win) because Sam at Mom Undecided posted about it.  I clicked on her link and found the info for the giveaway, and found another blog I want to follow.  How wonderful is that?
So, now you know why I post about giveaway’s from others too!  Now go enter for your chance to win one of these awesome machines.

Fabric Giveaway at 44th Street Fabric

Two lucky winners will receive five (5) one-half (1/2) yard cuts of Rural Jardin fabric by French General.  See their giveaway post for more details.  Also, check out their wonderful collection of fabrics available on Etsy: 44th Street Fabric

A Bag of Bags!

Just after finding this tutorial through a link-up party {Drawstring Bag Tutorial by KoJo} I had a friend request a Black and Red Bag Grabber.  So, I went back to the tutorial, made a couple changes, and this is what I came up with.  An overlapping flap at the top for bags to go in, and elastic at the bottom (not as easy for a kiddo to untie and pull out) made it easy to add contrasting fabric.  All said and done, this probably only took a 1/2 hour to comlpete (not including breaks to play with Ms. Diva).

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